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Goodbye cookies


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Got this email from Crown and Anchor. 




RIP little cookies.


How/where do you get this information?  I'm Diamond and the only thing I get are marketing emails about this week's XX% off Sales.  


Heck, I still haven't been informed by RC about the issues with Adventure.  If it wasn't for your blog and Facebook, I wouldn't have known about the problems and to expect them.  Now that the water slides, etc., won't be on the ship, I'm looking at having to spend a lot of extra $$$ on excursions to keep the kids entertained on the days I expected them to stay onboard.  That 25% future credit - which again I wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for this blog - is losing it's luster.


I'm done venting now.  The sugar in the cookies has worn off. :)

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Wonder if they'll offer an alternative to diabetics or Celiac's. You could at least bring the others home as they were prepackaged.


I do like the change, though, although I miss the more useful personal gifts from the past. I still use the hanging toiletry bag from the Legend in 2005.

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bcarney, I called in and vented at customer care today in regards to current cruise costing more vs. future cruise credit being offered. The more I dwell on it the more it irritates me that I am probably going to be spending a whole lot more on shore excursions instead of staying on board and using the slides/flowrider, etc.and if I am willing to buy yet another cruise I will get some of the money back.


Response from them was that there are no other options at the moment but that she would document my feedback and see if that changed anything at corporate.


I also have no official communication from Royal on the topic.

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Uh, the triangle hash browns are the highlight of my journey to the Windjammer (and other assorted breakfast establishments).   Who doesn't love a Sausage egg and cheese biscuit with triangle hash browns in lieu of that pesky biscuit?!


Anyone?  Anyone? 




Ahhh yes ...... You just posted my favorites ..... and you MUST get the pork sausage, none of that healthy turkey sausage stuff ..... and the pan full of bacon?  It's a pan full of paradise...

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