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So Many Choices, so Little Time! (What to eat on Oasis)


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Portside BBQ is only found on Oasis.  It's not the best BBQ in the world but it's pretty decent and huge portion sizes.  It's an ala carte venue so you pay based on what you order or if you have the Ultimate Dining Package you get $20 to spend per visit.

El Loco Fresh is good for a quick bite.  It is complimentary quick-serve burritos, tacos and nachos.

Johnny Rockets serves breakfast in the mornings and it is free on Oasis class ships.

Oasis class ships have the Solarium Bistro which is another complimentary dining venue that offers an alternative to the Windjammer.

Park Cafe is also unique to Oasis class.  They're open for breakfast and lunch and have the famous Kummelweck roast beef sandwiches that people rave about.

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3 hours ago, AshleyDillo said:

Park Cafe is also unique to Oasis class.  

Park Cafe is on some of the older ships too - I know Radiance and Enchantment both have one in the Solarium. Enchantment's Kummelweck was a little dry and needed a side of au jus though.☹️

You can get smoothies at the Vitality Cafe.

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47 minutes ago, MaryCS62 said:

Looking forward to this in August.  Will be traveling with a celiac -- anyone know if the BBQ has safe options? Want to try Central Park also, and Izumi Hibachi - but same caveat, safe for a celiac? (true gluten problem, will get very sick if even a small amount of cross contamination).

I would suggest talking to the staff. They usually can accommodate just about anything. If for some reason they cant at a particular location, they will be open and honest with you. Most likely would give you suggestions as to what locations can accommodate.  

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I am also going to be on Oasis in May and would love to know what to try. I've done Giovannis and Izumi and Chops. 

I don't eat meat so the Portside BBQ place is probably not for me.

Vintages Bar has tapas. 

Johnny Rockets maybe, Park Cafe, Sorrentos and El Loco Fresh are free so YES, Playmakers for the dessert.  Heard 150 Central Park is a must try. 

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When I was on the Allure OTS, my family and I did the 3 specialty dining package. We at at 150 Central Park, Chops Grille, & Izumi for hibachi. 

All the food was good. Some of the standouts was the hibachi at izumi, especially for my kids they had so much fun there and the hibachi chef did a great job keep everyone engaged.  The service at 150 central park was impeccable. We had a late reservation and both of my kids were sleepy and hold on to my wife or me. The staff made a little makeshift crib with chairs so that my wife and I could eat. 

I think for me chops was the least impressive out of all the specialty dining. Not because it was not good. The service and food was great, but it also wasn't unique to me. For me it felt like I was going to one of those nice chain steakhouses such as Flemings, Capital Grill, Ruths' Chris, etc. I think if you are pushed for time I would do 150 Central Park and Izumi. 

With the included options I spent a lot of time at Park Cafe (this was also do to the fact that my room was on the 8th floor close to central park entrance.) I really enjoyed their fresh squeezed oj there. I also really like the central park ambiance.  

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21 hours ago, BrianAlt said:

This is a bit dated by now, but I still like it...

The Almost Complete Food Lovers Guide to the Oasis of the Seas


We were on Oasis in October.  Portside BBQ was very good!  Worth the small upcharge.

Thank you for posting that excellent review!

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