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Do different color sea pass cards have any meaning?

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For Allure

Light blue: Regual staterooms/Non-suite guests

Darker blue: Sea Class/Junior Suite guests

Violet/Purple: Sky Class/Grand, Owner's, Crown Loft, and 1 bedroom Aqua Theater suite guests.

White/Pearl: Pinnacle Club members

Dark Purple/black: Star Class/2 bedroom Aqua Theater, Star Loft, and Royal Loft suite guests.


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2 hours ago, Pooch said:

Ooh. Do you know the color scheme for Harmony?  We will have one Sea Class & one Sky Class cabin.

I can only speak to my own, in a lowly boardwalk balcony cabin. 😆

The background is a medium blue and it has a nice geometric design in various shades of blue in the top right-hand corner. It's modern and attractive-looking, definitely my favourite out of all my seapass cards.

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