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Just got off the Freedom from my first cruise post-pandemic.


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Gotta say, Royal is doing it right -- ship was about 30% capacity -- (I heard everything from 1200 to 1400 passengers).  The crew was incredibly attentive and happy to be sailing.   Chops Grille (my first time there) was delicious.  Check in was simple and staterooms were ready when we got on board.   We had a bit of a scare.   on night 3 (Nassau) We were scheduled to leave the port at 9pm and didn't leave until around midnight due to a passenger that needed medical attention.   I heard that the passenger had a fever and needed to find a hospital bed, but I also heard that the passenger was injured and needed medical attention.   Gotta admit it was a little worrisome, but AGAIN, Royal handled it as best they could. 

Now counting down to my next one in 7 weeks!!!   

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19 hours ago, BB1 said:

We are currently on our last day on Independence. We have had a wonderful time. The number of guests is 1398, so around 35% occupancy.  The ship never felt empty but it definitely was not crowded.  The staff has been wonderful and the shows have all been very enjoyable.  I'm so glad we came.

Good for you!!!  I will be on the Indy in Nov -- I can't wait 

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