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Can anyone confirm temperature checks are no more?

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14 hours ago, griffinjam22 said:

I checked in for my October cruise this morning. Curious what the “wellness check” at the terminal entails. Of course what’s in place now could change in 3 months. The check in process didn’t even ask if vaccinated or not.

I think the wellness check is where we show them our vaccination cards and they make sure we are feeling okay? Not sure if this where they would do temp checks but that's what I'd assume a wellness check is.

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9 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

Temperature checks really do nothing to help diagnose covid

Step one in the CDC response plan is to scare people. 

Step two in the CDC response plan is to make it look like the CDC is doing something.  

Step three in the CDC response plan is make sure no steps in the CDC response plan contribute in a meaningful way. 

I'd say temperature checks have earned a rightful place in the CDC action plan.  

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When I was diagnosed with COVID and during the whole time I had it I never ran a fever (they had my husband keep checking my temps). 

The other two in my office that got it also never ran a fever. 

My sister who got it did run a very low grade fever, I think it was a tad over, like 99? 

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I think COVID impacts everyone differently. I honestly think I had it when no one even really knew about it back in early December 2019. I had a 102 fever, cough that basically killed my lungs (couldn't even sleep), had to go to the doctor for some lung/breathing tests, loss my sense of smell and taste for about a week, the cough lasted about 3 weeks. My wife and daughter never got sick. I don't know what it was, but if that was COVID, you do not want to experience what I did. I am fully vaccinated now.

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