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Alaska sailing without Canada stop

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All I know is that my wife and I went out to dinner and then dessert/drinks at two different restaurants tonight in Memphis, TN and everyone was out and about (including restaurant employees) totally mask-free. It felt like the world has opened up again.

Let's get these ships sailing, folks! ?

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Okay President Biden thank you for letting it be known you intend to sign the bill.  Perhaps the cruise industry does have a friend in the White house.  Now all we need is for The President to get the CDC under control and have them do away with this ridiculously outdated CSO.   President Biden wants to open up America in July well Mr. President I hope those plans include the cruise industry.  I hope to see an end to the unfair treatment the cruise industry has had to deal with for over a year.

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Golf clap ....... this is good news and a step in the right direction. I understand that RCL has submitted documents to the CDC to approve re-starts in unnamed ports and that was done last week. Seattle? Who knows and I think that sucks.

I'd speculate that Seattle is one of those ports but, given Fain's vagueness about pertinent details that will determine RCL's authority to sail from there bothers me and I'm not planning on booking an Alaska itinerary anyway. It just bothers me.

Are these sailings from Seattle going to be full revenue sailings at 95/98% cruisers or a mix of non-vax and vax passengers with a load of masking requirements? .... or not?  If you're hoping to book an Alaska RCL cruise sailing in July- that lie just a few days more than 30d away, people - I'd be pissed at RCL for creating a very short window for your personal decision making and logistics. Then again, August may be more likely and the tease about a July sailing is pure BS. JMO, YMMV.  

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This won't work for everyone but to avoid all of this what I call BS above, I booked a Greek Isles itinerary on 7/9/21 out of Athens on Celebrity Apex months ago. I was betting the restart from US ports would be slow and if it happened at all a confusing mess. Too many players, politics and moving parts.  

I was over-joyed when Celebrity announced just last week you have to be vaccinated to board Celebrity sailings from Athens (and St. Maartin). I was more over-joyed when I could check in for this cruise using the Celebrity App and doing so made it become pretty clear how all of this was going to go down when I fly to Athens (Celebrity Air) and board at the port of Piraeus.

As I mentioned elsewhere, Celebrity's Edge class ships use some neat technology to get you aboard in a hurry and contactless - much like boarding an airliner with a few additions like a FTF health screening before boarding. Hopefully that's present at the port - I can't imagine Celebrity choosing Apex to sail from there on initial restarts without those techy features in place. We'll see. 

I like certainty and need closure ?

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