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AT&T Cruise Package

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I was looking at what it would cost to add international to my plan when I came across ATT's Cruise Package.  Has anyone ever used this vs the ships Wifi?  The price ends up similar to Voom, but it covers ports also.  I would appreciate any input from someone who has used it.


AT&T Cruise Packages – Cruise Ship Talk, Text & Data Plans

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Ships have a mini cell tower on board operated by a company called Cellular@Sea.  The purpose of AT&T's Cruise Ship package is to use your phone on the ship's cellular tower much like you do at home.  The monthly fee covers a bucket of minutes for talking but does not include data.  The $50 plan allows you 50 minutes of talking included but then the overage is $2 per minute. 

Typically each call is billed at a minimum of 1 minute so a quick "Hi, I'm fine. Gotta go. Bye" is a one minute phone call even if it lasted 7 seconds.  

All data is billed at $2.05 per megabyte.  That's the gotcha.

Most smartphone are constantly using data to see if you have new emails, or to check for new notifications, or by apps just checking in the background.  Even when your phone is locked and sitting on the table it occasionally uses data.  At home you probably don't care because you likely have lots of data included.  

If you are paying $2.05 per megabyte you'll quickly learn how much data your phone consumes doing very little and it won't be a cheap lesson learned. 

The benefit of the AT&T plan is you don't have to buy a ship wifi internet plan.

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Unless you have some specific reasons for using this it's not a good option to go with.

Assuming you're looking at the $100 package the included data is only 200 MB with a $2/MB overage, the $50 package doesn't include data at all.  This is a _horrible_ cost for data and you can easily blow through that just updating an app on your phone or pulling general updates/email/news/etc.

I'd highly recommend getting Voom and enabling WiFi calling on your phone. While you're in ports most plans nowadays include Canada/Mexico for roaming already and if you want/need additional coverage you can get International Day Pass that essentially rates your usage as domestic in most countries for a 24 hour period for $10.

Your best option with the cruise package is to close the page and back away slowly before it realizes you've seen it.


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Contrast the AT&T cruise ship plan with buying a ship internet wifi plan or "Voom" as it's called.

With Voom your phone connects to the wifi on board, you login into your paid Voom plan and you have 24 x 7 internet access on your device included.

If your phone supports wifi calling (most do) you can also make wifi phone calls just like at home.  Same phone number, calls in or out are just like at home.

With wifi calling your AT&T phone uses the internet as it's "cell tower" and it follows your home plan which for most of us means unlimited minutes of talk time.

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You know your habits and how you use your phone, we don't.

Do you lock your phone in the safe while cruising?  

Are you looking for calling to keep in contact with elderly parents or young children at home?

Do you use your phone to check news, watch security cameras at home, check work emails, watch cat videos, etc. ?

When you are off the ship at a port you are probably doing something so you might be able to get by without being constantly connected.

Once back on the ship you may be sitting by the pool on a sea day and more likely to use your phone.

Only you know your habits so choose wisely because the AT&T plan could end up costing you high data charges while on the ship.

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