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Port Canaveral to Orlando International Airport

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Planning for a future cruise (fingers crossed), but was wondering what is the easiest way to get from Port Canaveral to Orlando International Airport after disembarking? Do RC offer a shuttle service? Do Uber/Lyft operate from there?

Any advise would be helpful, only familiar with Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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In the past I've used both Uber and a cabs to get from Port Canaveral to MCO. When my cruise is over I personally don't like waiting around for a 60 passenger bus to round people up I want to get off the ship on to the airport and on my flight home. I've found that for me the easiest way (although not necessarily the cheapest) has been Ubers and cabs.  The good thing about the cab is if you take it from Port Canaveral to MCO it is a flat rate.  

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Go Port Canaveral is usually the cheapest(can purchase online in advance for around $15 the last time I did it)...took about 20 mins to load the bus plus the drive. Good cheap option. Royal has one as well for more money.


Port Canaveral is pretty calm and easy to get in out and out of compared to FLL or Miami for sure.


We have used ride share the last few times..about $80 for 4 of us in a SUV Uber from Orlando to drop off at the port.....

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As I was in the self debark line getting a ship once I looked at Uber and Lyft and then checked my regular car rental company.  They had a rate for ~ $25 one way plus gas and tolls.  All in I was under $35 to rent a car.  That was cheaper than Uber or Lyft and allowed me to drive at my own pace.  I had plenty of time so I skipped the toll road.  

On another occasion I had planned to use Cortrans one way to the port from an Orlando hotel that was on their shuttle route.  Then a crane fell on Oasis and the cruise was cancelled.  Cortrans was easy to cancel for a refund.

Cruising solo changes the math so how many are in your group can alter the cost models since Uber/Lyft is a total price versus shuttle services that are per person. 

The least attractive is the Royal transfer service but it's a solid plan D if everything else falls through.  Just book later flights.     

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