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Have the same issue as you! NO, they do not change it to a FCC if you requested a refund; just saying...

It has been 47 days since my TA put in the request. Probably Royal is cash poor and was looking forward to revenue for Spring by now. We have 3 more bookings that were made over a year ago for cruises in late April-May 2021 time frame but do not think that TA cruise to England will go! Problem is I will pay over 4K in late January just to be told (probably) that those cruises are cancelled too... Oh, what to do?


Hang in there. Let us know if and when you see the money. That will help the rest of us out 😷





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We have requested refunds through this link on the health and travel alerts page. If I try to enter the same booking number again the system tells me there is already a refund request being processed.


However, on my profile, there is no record or reference of any bookings, refund requests or FCC amounts. In fact, the only notification received was refunds for Cruise Planner purchases using OBC. If I didn't actually know about the bookings and refund requests, I wouldn't know a thing. The unsettling part is that the only record I have is the original booking and payment confirmations from the travel agent.

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Well, here it is, January 19th 2021, and still waiting for a refund...

My TA from MEI-Travel confirmed that Royal found the problem with my refund and have cleared the issue. I get to wait another 30 or so days and hopefully I will get the refund that is now about 2 1/2 months since request.

I am glad others have received their refund within 2 weeks from request. I too have received the same on immediate requests but this particular refund was a FCC first, then when I saw the pandemic taking longer, requested a full refund...

This update is for those who had a FCC, then wanted a refund. Check with your TA of call Royal as somehow the FCC never clears from your account IF you decide to get a refund from the FCC.

Just sayin... 😷

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