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  1. Just got on the ship (Explorer) Sunday and experienced the following so far....delayed check in at Miami, no greatings from host in concierge room, restaurants closed, wait time for my time dining with reservations was 45 minutes to 1 hour, severally understaffed, portions way smaller and simple condiments unavailable. No soft serve ice cream. And it's only Monday.
  2. We have been waiting over 45 days for our refund. Anyone else having issues?
  3. Was so excited about our Canaries and South Africa cruise in 2020 on our favorite ship, Independence. Poor, poor choice Royal to move that ship. If I wanted a day in Coco Cay I would have booked a Caribbean cruise. Now I really don't want to go to Coco Cay and I'm out on going to the cruise I wanted and booked. Doesn't really say much that you are pretty much forcing everyone to the "new" redesigned island. Not all of your loyal followers wants to play in the water all day. There is something to say about getting a cultural experience on one of your cruises. We are diamond plus cruisers with you and don't appreciate your lack of concern for loyal cruisers and taking away booked cruises.
  4. Your best bet for water is to carry on a case. People do it all the time. You can even bring back cases of soda when you stop in the ports. We do it in almost every port. Way cheaper than buying the soda package on board. You would be way better off booking what time you want to go to dinner prior to getting on the ship or you may experience a long wait time. They give you a 2 hour window to attend. They are also not really big sticklers on dress code as long as you don't wear shorts.
  5. I bring my flat iron, curling iron, and hot rollers. None have ever been taken. We are diamond plus and have been on 25 cruises.
  6. Thank you. We choose a later flight. Not worth the risk.
  7. We are arriving back to port in Sydney at 6:15 am on Thursday, March 12, 2020.. We want to take the 10:15 international flight back to the states. Does anyone know if this is possible? It would save us $1400 on ticket fares.
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