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From the recent news that is coming out I am starting to believe that cruising on a limited bases might actually start in November. What has started to move my thinking into the positive is the fact that the CDC just came out informing states to start making preparations for a COVID vaccine by early November. If they are publicly making this announcement I am thinking that they are going to let the no sail  order expire the end of October.

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13 minutes ago, HeWhoWaits said:

You think it's going to START or that it will REDUCE to a limited basis?


I believe that sailings will start back up in November. They will be short 3 - 4 day sailings and the ships will be carrying a limited number of passengers . Pretty much just like MSC is doing it in Italy right now.

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On 9/1/2020 at 1:33 PM, Snotarni said:

Has anyone seen/heard any updates or info from the Health Panel?  I thought there was supposed to be something "delivered" in late August?



According to the 10 Sept article above, the RCL should be submitting the CDC in plan a week to 10 days.   Matt blogged the Health Panel should be releasing their report at the end of the month.  10 business days from now (9/12) is 25 Sept which is pretty close to the end of the month.  Betting the CDC plan and Health Panel recommendations are concurrent.

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