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August 8 2020 Cruise and Wife's Surgery

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August 8, 2020 Cruise ( if there is one ) and wife’s surgery.

 Wife had an Ileostomy ( her entire colon was removed ) the end of January which now requires her to wear an Ostomy Bag.

The Doctor told her, they might be able to do a reversal surgery and reconnect to the rectum, so that she would not have to wear an Ostomy Bag. 

 My question.

 If they are able to do the reversal surgery, it would be done the middle of July.  The hospital stay would be about 5 days and the recovery is normally about 2 to 3 weeks. 

 Wife really wants to go on the Cruise.

 Would you Go on the cruise – If there is one ?

 Would you Cancel ?

 Opinions Please

 ( Proud Military Veteran and Retired Navy Submarine Sailor )


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Wait.  My professional medical recommendation.  Also my mother in law had back surgery weeks before we were to go on a cruise with her.  We begged her to cancel.  She refused.  The drive down about did her in and she was a mess for the entire cruise, enjoying nothing.  Her pain required many visits to sick bay.

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Also, because your cruise was booked before August 1, 2020 (even if the sail date is after), you should be covered by the current version of "Cruise With Confidence", which means whether your fare is refundable or not, you should qualify for a Future Cruise Credit worth 100% of what you paid.

My non-professional opinion, but as someone who struggled to recover after surgery last year in a journey that took about 3 months longer than it was supposed to...please just wait. I'm almost certain you'll both be glad you did.

All the best to her for the surgery and her recovery!

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I had those same surgeries in 2010/2011.  The take down (re-connect) was less than 1/2 as invasive as the total collecting, but was still a right few weeks after.  We went to Disney while I had the colostomy and it was fine. I’d easily cruise that way.  Personally, I think the window from mid-July surgery to Aug 8th cruise is a bit tight.  I’d stay with the Oslo my and delay the second surgery a bit.  At least she know what to expect as she is. Once ups go through step 2, you enter uncharted waters (pun intended).  Could it work out with your timeline. Absolutely!

Depending how port intensive the cruise is would factor in the decision for me.  I went to the bathroom a lot in the weeks after takedown.  I avoided situations and places where finding facilities might be challenging. If she wants to relax and enjoy the ship, no problem.

hope that helps.  Happy to answer any question or talk more, if you prefer to do so more privately feel free to message me!

Thank you for your service!

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Thanks Everyone

What I did not mention.  This cruise(s)  is a back to back ( 9 total days ) and we were able to use a $400.00  Casino Certificates on the first cruise and a $500.00 Casino Certificate on the 2nd part of the back to back.

She does want to go. 

Me, the loss of the Casino Certificates does not matter.  Her enjoyment means more.

( Proud Military Veteran and Retired Navy Submarine Sailor )


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