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New Cruise Planner feature? Custom events

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Maybe it's been awhile since I looked at the "my calendar" feature on the cruise planner, but I noticed when I went on there today that there is the option to add custom events to your calendar besides the ones Royal auto populates with your purchases! Has anyone else noticed or used this feature? It seems like it would be great for adding things you really don't want to miss that you see in past cruise compasses. Or plotting out ideal times for specialty dining if you have a dining package. You can even pick which people in your party that you want to add the event to their calendar. I'm definitely going to be playing with this feature in the near future!  




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14 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

Yes, I saw this feature back in 2018 when I was getting ready for my first cruise ever. Not only good for the things you listed, but also for entering third-party excursion bookings you've made, so you can be sure not to accidentally double-book something.

Yes! I did this in August since we had four 3rd party excursions to keep track of. I still somehow forgot to bring a printed receipt with me in St. Kitts but because I knew I owed the guy exactly $161.80 he figured he could trust it was me. ?

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I used this feature for our last cruise (July 2019 Radiance) and am using it for our upcoming cruise (March 2020 Oasis). This "feature" is riddled with glitches. If you want to, hypothetically, put in your plans to eat at Izumi, select your guests, and select your times and days (must be entered separately) 7pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you may end up with (by the end of entering your data) one reservation on Monday at 7pm for Izumi for all your guests times three. In our case, me, DS, and DH are listed three times on Monday at 7pm for Izumi and the entries that I made for Wednesday and Friday do not populate the calendar. To get around this, I create a different reservation time (not actual, but the time we plan to eat/walking in, not a rezi created in the cruise planner dining page), and make a note that the actual time is for 7pm. I don't know if I'm describing the issue adequately, but leave it to Royal IT to take a great idea and bugger it up.

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