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We Still Do – Vow Renewal on Harmony - 1/26/20 – 2/2/20

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Multi part post because I can't  sleep. Rain, lots of it,   is called for our coco cay day as of right now. Pray to the sun gods for me!!!   What an amazing day.   The other 9 did

Getting use out of that slide. Dont care how windy or cold the water is! 20200201_094021.mp4

Today is the day!!!   Here are a couple teasers... more pics of area and menu once I'm back on the ship.     Holy crap tho lol

Posted Images

Quick questions:

I noticed in one of your pics a jet ski in the corner... are they allowed near the area where the OWC guests would be swimming or snorkeling? Did you see any jet skis in the waters around the Beach Club?

I also noticed in another pic that there were a couple steps along the wooden walkway going down towards the beach shower. Did you notice any ramps and how much of the wooden walkways would make the Beach Club accessible, or difficult, for someone with limited mobility?



*jetski is in left-hand end of the frame.

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32 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Doesn't look too crowded.  Do you happen to know what the max number is that they allow into the Beach Club?

Not crowded at all. It's also not completely finished. Multiple cabanas in my row are not ready for people. Even mine has a few things not completely finished.


Music player thing not working. Some items like the poles should have rope around them. The cabana next to me had no curtains but mine did. Not sure most people would have even noticed. 


This is how the poles should look20200201_143730.thumb.jpg.1cc8d41f0504df93890cfcf29d47571c.jpg


This is how one of the others looks



Some of the other people's cabanas had them all missing.

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You do not get to pick your cabana.


I was in cabana 10, it was an end unit. The view was amazing from every angle. Perfect view of the beach club and completely unobstructed view of the ocean. There were multiple cabanas that were sunk back and would have seen the back of other cabanas. Those would have shielded a lot of wind though.


We lucked out, you guys saw the forecast i posted a couple days ago... we did not get any rain at all.  But we did get 20+ mph winds. The cabana definitely is floating because she was a movin when there was waves.


Back on board, they may be closing upper decks due to wind



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