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As Garth Brooks said, “Think I’ll Slip On Down To The O-Asis” - Jan 26th - Star Class

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Well, actually we’ll fly on down, but you get the idea. Warnings/Disclaimers:  This blog is the sole opinions and thoughts of just the old guy who is writing it.  It doesn't reflect the thoughts,

Welcome to Dallas!  One step closer. By my standards in was an excellent flight - we had an equal number of take offs and landings.  I watched a “free” movie that AA had, Angel has Fallen.  Action fli

We are Home!  Suite 1740!

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1 hour ago, provisn said:

Please tell me what the tortilla and eggs are from and what kind of eggs benedict is that and where did you get it !!!!


thanks  - sailing next sunday 


The tortilla and egg things were Huevos Rancheros and the other is Crabcakes Benedict. Both ordered through the Genie for breakfast

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1 hour ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

I just had dinner and now I'm hungry! lol

28 more days and I will be at Playmakers finally!  I found your CK comment interesting that it was better than HM.  Now I am curious to see for myself.  CK on SY was not that great.  HM was good both times.  I still think Anthem has the best CK (in service and food quality).  

One question...Are those apple pies that showed up in two of your pics.  Where did those come from?  I have never seen that type of apple pie before...

Yay 28 days!  I think we ate more this year in Coastal Kitchen than we did on Harmony. But we just found the food to be more to our liking this year. We haven’t been on the Anthem. Yet. 
I have no clue where those little apple pie flowers come from. I just found them in the suite. Everyday. Sometimes twice. When I had the apple pie in a dining venue it was a slice. Allan just made it happen😀

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Entertainment:  The entire group enjoyed everything we saw.  (Almost). The singers, dancers, skaters, divers and other performers displayed amazing talent!  The athletic ability of some of them will blow you away. Aqua 80’s was the best water show I have seen. I think the music and me being old helped make it that way😂. The headliners were good. I think I’ve already mentioned that Kaitlyn, Taylor and I returned  for Stephanie Parker’s 2nd show the night she performed. Jeff Tracta has been around for awhile but we enjoyed his talent again. Jack Daniels and I returned for his 2nd show as well. 😁🥃. Interesting story on that. JD and I sent an email to Allan after the first show asking if he could reserve the front row seats for us at the 2nd show.  I usually send the emails myself but that evening I let Jack assist in sending it - and he sent it to the Genie on the Allure instead of to Allan. Allan later told me the the Allure Genie immediately contacted him to see if he had some crazy elderly dude who wanted to see the headliner again! It all ended well.  I’m known across the fleet. Jack is no longer allowed to send emails. 
We loved the ice skating as usual. So entertaining and such incredible talent. The comedians were ok, one much better than the other. The Escape Room was an amazing afternoon of entertainment. Having actually watched a Space Shuttle launch from the real Mission Control, I enjoyed the creativity and realistic “ Mission.”

CATS:  None of us really wanted to see it.  We skipped it the first time on the Oasis.  But this year our merry little group decided it was a “must see” just to see what all the fuss is about.  I will say that the performers are extremely talented.  We learned during our backstage tour that the kitties each do their own makeup!  The singing and dancing is top notch.  But that sucker seemed like 8 hours long with 15 minute stretches of complete silence thrown in!  And speaking of stretches, those cats can, and do, stretch and  slither right up to the edge of the stage - where they look right into the eyes of the unrefined Star Class folks who obviously do not appreciate theater. Your eyes lock with those of the felines as they are laying on the stage at eye level and only about three feet in front of you!  I kept whispering to Stacy, “ Don’t yawn....”. It was the longest 90 minutes of my life since I used to watch Dora the Explorer with toddler Taylor😂









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23 minutes ago, MLH said:

Did room service set the table up for you?  We have never had them set everything out like that when sailing STAR Class.  they only bring all of the dishes with the covers on them.


It has been my experience that this really depends on your Genie.  As a rule, unless the Genie instructs room service to set up the table, they will not.  Charlie was the best at this.  He, himself, came to the suite any number of times and set up the table for dinner. He made up little place cards...it was so sweet.  I loved him.  I wish he still worked for Royal.  He was a great Genie.  Generally though, room service does not set up the table.  They just bring the food.

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