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When is your next cruise?


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15 hours ago, DublinFC said:

Sooooo updating, again....

Oasis 12/13/2020

Anthem 4/18/2021

Harmony 11/21/21 The RC Blog Group Cruise!

After booking Allure for 12/12/21 and reading all about the various NYE sailings my wife and I canceled Allure to find a NYE sailing that would work for our typical Christmas plans.  The sailings we wanted to book were either right before or right after Christmas and we decided not to book one since our daughter is still young.  We host Christmas every year and she loves having all the family over.  That is when I remembered the Group Cruise and thanks to Heather over at MEI we are now booked to join the Harmony sailing.  A HUGE shout out to Heather for helping us with our sailing and dealing with my all of my, what Im sure felt like, billions of questions.  Super excited to join the Group Cruise I have really enjoyed following along on the blog during the past few Group Cruises.

So take out Liberty 04/25/2021?

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1 hour ago, DublinFC said:

Just wondering is there a master list of sailings that are being/have been cataloged?  

I believe this is the Master Cruise List that is pinned in this forum..I'm not sure that they archive the past sailings but @Lovetocruise2002 updates that post when people add sailings via this thread.


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Besides this year's planned ones, my wife is still looking for a Spring 2021 trip. But she's already picked this one out for the fall.

Nov 27 - Dec 4, 2021. Eastern, Perfect Day.
Owner's Suite.

Like I've said before,  my wife is slowly moving us up and closer to Star Class. 

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