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2021 Europe Itineraries

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Just now, GlassSlipper said:

I’m not sure about Rome, but the ones for Venice are posted. 

Yes, I saw. However, I've been hoping to honeymoon to Rome then go on a cruise to Greece. Hoping they add some new itineraries, otherwise I will look at Celebrity. If all else fails, I'll reconsider Venice.

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15 minutes ago, MelKaps said:

Sadly, I don't see any Greece cruises leaving from Rome. Are they just not posted yet? 🙁

There is one Rhapsody cruise up that leaves from Rome.  It must just be a matter of not being posted yet, because Royal's website says Odyssey will be doing med cruises from Rome. 

Interestingly, Harmony is doing a few western Med cruises departing from Rome. 


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2 minutes ago, berkeleykel said:

So the Harmony itineraries departing from Barcelona and departing from Rome overlap -  it looks like the idea is that in any 7 given days guests may be embarking/disembarking at either Barcelona or Rome.  Either that, or a major glitch. Has this been done before?  Seems like a logistical nightmare .

Starts in one port and ends in the other, and then just reverses for the next cruise?

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