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  1. I would agree on the Quantum class ships. We sailed on Anthem (first Quantum for us) and found that the solarium was a big reason we love that class now. The solarium is laid out effectively with nice loungers and pods. It also has a little swing in front of the pool. My wife and I enjoyed a little swing and chat like we were kids (we are in our 50's). I do not think you can go wrong on that class or that solarium!
  2. I also use Michelle. I had three cruises booked and she has helped me navigate each one. She is responsive to the point of even telling me she is unable to help at that moment but can the next day. Most of these changes I made in advance of any cancellation and yet she still found the time to help. She has also been a superstar navigating the ever changing interpretations from Royal. Thank you Michelle!
  3. I believe there was a thread on this before and that there was a post that the 2021 Itineraries were to be released on November 11. I checked yesterday and this morning but do not see them. Has anything changed or has anyone seen them? D
  4. You can always see your charges throughout the cruise (on TV or asking at the desk). additionally, they provide a statement on the last evening and the charges will be applied to your card if you authorized that type of set up. D
  5. Our family (including two 16 year old's) will be visiting Cozumel on a cruise in late December. We have been to Cozumel many times but never to Mr. Sanchos or Paradise Beach club. We have been looking at both of those for the past few months but really are unable to decide which to go to. We are unsure if the water will be cold (if so, Paradise has a heated pool). We also have not been able to tell if the sand in the water is cleaner at Mr. Sanchos as some of the YouTube videos shows either rocks or seaweed at Paradise? To further the debate, we are a mixed group who enjoy a more upbeat atmosphere with music as opposed to relaxing in a more subdued atmosphere. Lastly we are debating the amount of food/beverage consumption for the AI or not. We are not huge drinkers but could see that waters and cocktails along with food might add up quickly. Has anyone been to either of these (especially in late December) that can help us make a decision? TIA D
  6. I would not think so. I have used power bars to add additional outlets and have never had an issue. I also believe others have added power strips but not sure. Interesting question though. D
  7. We also use the same luggage tag holder. We switched a few cruises ago (like 4) and they have held up with no problems. We also only apply one to each bag as there have not been any problems. D
  8. I have sailed both Oasis and Anthem. I can tell you that we found Oasis too big for us and until we sailed Anthem we were the Freedom Class fans. I can now tell you that we love the Anthem and find we have two favorite class ships now (Freedom and Quantum). As stated by Gregg above, there is so much activity and places to enjoy yourself. We also found that we loved the Quantum Solarium over the other solariums on the other ships. The only time it felt a little crowded was on the Esplanade. I think Anthem is a great choice. D
  9. We stayed at the Hotel Vasanta last year when we cruised the Mediterranean. It was a basic hotel that was reasonably priced and the guy at the desk was excellent and friendly. We did take a taxi to the stadium and walked to other areas in Barcelona. I remember seeing La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, The Gothic Area, and a park within walking distance. We had a car service for the trip to the port but we happened to be there when the taxis went on strike so the car service went on strike in support (and never notified us). The guy at the hotel warned us and helped us figure out the best solution considering the circumstances. We ended up walking a few blocks to the metro and then walked a few from the metro stop near the port. It all worked out but that was not fun with the luggage. The good news is that the hotel was not that far from the transportation :-) I hope this is helpful and happy sailing. D
  10. We are not too adventurous but we always enjoy a Pina Colada, Strawberry Colada, Vodka Cranberry, Screwdriver, Madras, and a Mudslide. We are split on the Coco Loco/Labadoozie. Our favorite watering hole outside of the pool area is the Schooner lounge. We enjoy the trivia there as well as the smell from the oil on the ropes. D
  11. We did the Mediterranean with Greek Isles August (2018) on the Vision. Would agree with KenCP on the ship and crew. The trip and locations were awesome also. We would definitely do it again. D
  12. We were on a cruise last year that stopped in Santorini. What I remember was that there is a tender to the port. In addition, the line for the cable car was long. Once you et on the cable car it moves well and then you get off and walk along a sidewalk to tender spots along the route. You need to find the one for your ship and there is also shopping along that walk. Can get a bit busy at that point as well. We did not cut it close to the ship sail time but I seem to recall about an hour for that activity. Enjoy Santorini as it is beautiful. D
  13. I was on the Anthem in July and had a JS. We had the typical sofabed and the two beds we converted to one. The room was really well designed for space and storage but the nice thing that we had (for the first time in any of the JS rooms we have had) was the extra 1/2 bathroom! It was awesome to be able to manage the group. Happy sailing. D
  14. First, enjoy your first cruise! I expect you will love it and become addicted like the rest of us. I agree with Bakerette. I have been on around 14 cruises and always attach a credit card to the seapass account and have not been charged a pre authorization. We are not really big spenders on the account, and with the OBC we have had, we typically only have a charge in full at the end of the cruise. We also have the Royal Caribbean Visa and use that to get double the points for more OBC. We only use the card for Royal Cruises. No annual fee so it works for us. D
  15. Our first cruise was on the Monarch of the Seas. Everything was wonderful as it was our first international trip together and also our first time in the Caribbean. One of the funniest things I remember back on that ship was Sumu wrestling in the lounge with the inflatable suits. It was a very funny event and I have never seen it since (13 cruises since). D
  16. My family to include two teenage kids (b/g) did the Dunns river + tubing last time we were there. The family enjoyed all of it but were mixed on which part they liked best. Either way all of us indicated we would do it again and it was awesome to experience the falls again with the kids since we did it pre kids. The walk on the falls was not too bad and there were different routes so you can go with the route that is best suited for you. A piece of advice. You will be hounded to buy the CD, souvenirs, and beverages. From the time you arrive at Dunns river until the bus departs. We bought the CD and while it was nice it was really poor quality and not cheap. Bring a go pro instead. I wish I had done that. D
  17. We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Elizabeth. The commute in the morning to the pier was not bad (around 20 minutes). Hotel was clean, friendly, and also had breakfast. On the same street they have two other hotels (Country Inn and the residence Inn). I know there is also a Ruby Tuesday across the street. Perhaps not the best choice but local. Not sure about any parking as we took the free airport shuttle from EWR and then a car service (Dial 7) to the port. Good luck! D
  18. It is always so exciting to be leaving for a cruise. I'm a bit jealous :-) We have not been on Symphony but we wish you a fantastic trip. Please make sure you share some of your tips and exciting experiences. D
  19. I used a car service to Cape Liberty and to Newark Airport that I believe handles the majority of Metro NY. I'm guessing they would be able to get you to LaGuardia and be reasonable considering the amount of adults and luggage. The name of the company is Dial 7. I learned about them on another site and used them in July of this year. They were very good at communication, showed up on time, and most importantly safe during the trip. D
  20. DMLM

    Mr Sanchos

    I have never been to Mr. Sanchos but was also researching it. I have read on various boards that credit card security is potentially an issue. They suggested to watch the activity on the card and also to use either a rechargeable Visa or cash. There were also comments regarding crowds. i have not made my decision but wanted to share in the event you have not seen those comments yet. Good luck and enjoy whatever you choose! Happy sailing! D
  21. We sailed to Rome and Florence last year and specifically used the cruise excursions in those ports since the sights were far. We were happy we did as the trip in Rome barely got back to the ship in time. Experience was awesome and worth the extra in both cases. D
  22. I have only traveled on RCCL and have been to Europe twice with them. The ships were on the smaller size (Vision Class) but the experiences were fantastic. The crew really were amazing, the Diamond Lounge was cozy with the staff getting to know us and our preferred drinks. We will absolutely sail with RCCL in Europe again! D
  23. We had already paid in full and wanted to try MEI. Our agent informed me it would be denied but she would be able to get it transferred. A few days later I was informed it was transferred to MEI despite the email I received three days earlier. Keep the faith and good luck! D
  24. There are certain aromatic experiences that make me happy on a cruise. Visit the Schooner Bar and smell the rope oil. That bar is my favorite as a result. The Smell of a coconut/pineapple shampoo was another one. Although, the shampoo was from many years ago. There are several visual experiences also. We enjoy sitting in the Viking Crown Lounge when it is quiet to have a great view. Our balcony at sunset or sunrise. Happy sailing! D
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