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  1. Thanks, Matt! Those are helpful. I'm happy to report we're all good on the advice from the "Cruise Mistakes" video and agree with the veteran cruise advice as well!
  2. Thanks! I have actually seen the helipad in some videos, but had forgotten about it. It's good to know how to get there.
  3. Sounds like perfect tips for us! The Solarium pool is on my list and we do enjoy walking around looking at Art, so that's a great tip. I will definitely check out the slides. Hopefully I can get my husband on them, too! How do we make reservations for the show? In the app when we board?
  4. Thanks, we are stopping at Coco Cay and are really looking forward to that!
  5. We'll be doing our first RCCL cruise (Independence of the Seas) in a couple of weeks. We've sailed on 6 Disney cruises, but this is our first on Royal. It's only for three nights and we're mostly excited to relax and explore. That being said, we don't want to leave and think, "if we'd only known..." What advice do you have to help us avoid any "rookie" mistakes? Do we have to make reservations for shows? Any must-do snacks or treats? Activities that you've loved? FWIW - we're two adults with no kids. Not big drinkers or gamblers. For this trip, we're not planning on doing any specialty dining or big "extras". We're more looking for what's included that we should check out and explore. We'll save "extras" for the next time around!
  6. We are two fully vaccinated adults who will be sailing on August 12. We will be without internet/data access for the few days before our sailing (on another cruise/cruiseline - and would prefer not to buy WiFi just to do our RCCL test) and would prefer to do our tests the morning of our embarkation with OnPoint once we get back to a service area. Are we able to test that morning? Do we just show our results electronically at the port?
  7. Can anyone confirm if you could do your test the morning of the cruise? We'd be doing a test with a virtual proctor and are trying to figure out some logistics. We will be at sea on another cruise line before this trip and wouldn't have phone/internet access.
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