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  1. I spoke to a guy just now with Royal after almost an hour on the line. Actually I had forgotten the exact amount. It was more than $10.000. Anyway. He apologised and promised to have it reimbursed within 30 days. I will update you guys if this happens or not. Thank you for the support and encouragement
  2. Thanks Ashley. You might be right. I actually got an email in between the two calls which mentioned that I had a FCC ready to use. Which is what they tried to let me accept on the 1st call but I would not budge. Not because I was not thinking of buying another cruise with Royal, but just to have more flexibility in terms when it would happen and it being a large amount of money.
  3. Thanks Roger. Yes. I think that might be the next move. These practises are not fair towards customers. And regrettably such action, preferably by a number of people who are in the same spot, is sometimes the only way to hold corporations accountable.
  4. I have not been reimbursed yet for a pre-paid booking that was cancelled due to tighter Covid restrictions over last Christmas in my country (no inbound/outbound flights) and which according to the terms of my cruise ticket qualified me for a full cash refund. Which I requested by phone on December 27th 2021 (the cruise was supposed to depart on December 31st) and was approved after an hour on the call and with supervisors getting involved. I later called again after some time has passed with no money-transfer coming through and was again told by Royal that my reimbursement had already been approved and was being processed for payment. Now I have waited for almost 7 months and I don't think the cruise line can keep using a high volume of requests as an excuse anymore for not returning my money and honouring their own terms of payment. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Or have you perhaps mostly received your reimbursement? This is very frustrating and is not instilling me with much confidence in the Cruise line. I understand that the company is not financially in a good spot after Covid but I do no think that makes it okay to just withhold $6000 for 7 months and not give any updates. Each time I contact them they make me wait a long time, seem very surprised and then confirm I am due to be repaid for the tickets. I am speculating this is deliberate (by top management, not the people working in the service centres) to maintain their cash on hand and to wear customers like myself down until we accept a future cruise credit or until their cash reserves allow for repayment. What is for sure is that they are not honouring the terms they offered when I bought the cruise. AndrΓ©s P.s. I bought the tickets directly on the website.
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