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2 hours ago, Notyouravgjt said:

If you want to save money while still having a "passport" you could apply for a passport card for them.  I love having my passport card.  It is about the size of a driver license and I always have it in my wallet.  Plus it is a much cheaper option than getting a full passport.

It also has very limited use. Cannot use passport card for air travel, for example. 

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It depends on where you are sailing from and if its a closed loop USA cruise. With that said, RCI highly recommends passports for children. We do have passport books (not cards) for all of us (me, hubby, and our three kids).  It's pricey but anytime we leave the country, even on a cruise, I personally wouldn't travel without one.

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On 10/11/2019 at 9:11 AM, Kerry said:

And depending on their ages, it would be less expensive to get them now. My oldest was 15 when we needed them, so I got the full passport at the "15 and Under" rate that will last him 5 years.

 Thanks for pointing that out. My 2nd oldest will be turning 15 so I need to capitalize on the lower rate before we sail next year.

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