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  1. I save $3 on my internet total 12 days and $2 on stuffed animal.
  2. I love how he wants you separate it and only bring what you need.
  3. Don’t know anything about getting to Southampton, but husband, son and I went to London last year. The airport isn’t scary at all and the tube/train/bus can get you anywhere. We took the train to Paris for the day, bus to Stonehenge, tube all over town. Enjoy your trip and mind the gap! We stayed at the holiday inn near Earl Court and breakfast included. The room had a double bed and sleeper sofa.
  4. I just got the newest edition of Rick Steves book!
  5. Following! 1st time on Harmony and Spain.
  6. I create the spreadsheet month ahead. My cruise isn’t till April but going south so I pull out the warm clothes that I need before packing them away for the winter. Then a few weeks before make purchases if needed. Then 1 month ahead hang all the clothes on the portable rack so I can see everything. Things like undergarments and socks can be packed first. I hate overpacking, carryon only. This worked really well this July going to Alaska. I pack for the family so they wear what I pack, sometimes matching outfits.
  7. Just get a passport for the kids. It gets harder as they get older, you need to apply in person and the hours are often during school. I had to pick up my son from school to get it on a half day. He is on his 3rd passport.
  8. I don’t think it is heated, it is more like air temperature. We went in July and it was very warm high 70s. So on glacier day it is much cooler. Look at the compass and plan, limited times each day.
  9. Our last cruise we ate at MDR 5 out of 7 dinners there, 1 at Solarium and 1 at WJ. Our next cruise is 12 days and we got 3 specialty dining.
  10. Went on my first RCCL in July for husband’s 50th. Booked another within 2 weeks for next April. Already think about 2021 somewhere in Europe, 2022 for our 20yr anniversary maybe Hawaii, then 2025 when I turn 50. After that I can cruise more as the kiddo will be in college!
  11. We has a group of 30, so we have 3 tables of 10. The seating was at same time and same place every night. We can just sit where we want within our section.
  12. In July my Voom and surf & stream was $26.99 per day. My upcoming cruise in April the 3 day dining is $79.
  13. I found it! So excited! I got shirt for my whole family!
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