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  1. We ran on the track on deck 5 - I GPS'd it for fun, I averaged 2:49/mile! The ship moved 10 miles across the ocean... Strava doesn't have to know it wasn't really me all that way!
  2. The Rock Boat is my dream vacation!!!!! So jealous!!! ***Edit - you're talking Ships and Dip, though, right? I just realized I confused myself with my music dream cruises. Rock Boat is Sister Hazel...
  3. Harmony in 16 days! Nov. 3, 2019
  4. We decided against the photo package on this one and only buy the prints we really love. I feel like I'm going to regret it.
  5. Do they do the same at Labadee?
  6. And depending on their ages, it would be less expensive to get them now. My oldest was 15 when we needed them, so I got the full passport at the "15 and Under" rate that will last him 5 years.
  7. Oh my gosh - We'd have "Theme Nights" in college where the rules changed depending on the night... One night being "You can't drink it unless it's lit on fire." Pretty sure I should be dead.
  8. How do the drinks at Sabor work? Can I get a Jalepeno-Cucumber or Sweet and Spicy margarita at a bar (they don't have one on Harmony like they do on Oasis, correct?) or are their specialty drinks only available if you're dining?
  9. Same thing I'd do during the day on on a beach... feel the ocean, look at the sky. Breathe. I'd choose cruising over all-inclusives all day long, but I do miss beach sunsets. It would be awesome to get both.
  10. Sunset ride on the Balloon... Moonlight ocean float... I could dig this!
  11. I'll keep my eye out here. Sometime in the next 10 years we're going to get married on a beach somewhere, and a sunset wedding on Coco Key and reception on the ship while still having the next day as ANOTHER "perfect day" has started playing over in my head since @Matt's podcast yesterday. So if RC can make that happen before 2029, that'd be great. 😂
  12. Are there any updates on potential overnights at Coco Key? Or an easy way to search those itineraries if they already exist?
  13. I've not done any spa treatments on board, but from what I gather there are usually better deals to be found booking those on board, especially on port days. Order to your heart's content in the MDR... specialty restaurants may depend on if they are a la carte or not... Have a great trip!!
  14. Are there specific drinks that have been listed you can only get at certain places? I have made an actually list of everything everyone has recommended, and I'm going to try every one of them... just want to make sure I can find them!
  15. Just because I'm a math nerd, I've discovered that by just trying everything recommended so far on this thread, I've paid for almost 1/2 of my drink package. And I haven't even added in my morning Bourbon Mint Mocha. This is going to be fun!!! 🍹🥂🍸🍻
  16. Can you crash a Royal Wedding and reception on board? 🤣 I swear there's a wedding on every single embarkation day at least, and there is just about zero resources for what it's like. "The first rule of Cruise Weddings is we don't talk about Cruise Weddings."
  17. That's what we discovered. We paid in full on the last day (keeping my money as long as I can 🙂 ) and then the price dropped by $150/pp. We couldn't take advantage because we were paid in full. I guess it's like buying your wedding dress... once you buy it - quit shopping! Once my PIF date comes and goes, I need to quit looking. I'm still going to have a great time, and I was willing to pay that to go in the first place, why know what I'm missing? Even if it is $300. 😖
  18. The Rum Chata Colada!!! I overheard someone order it in front of me on Oasis last summer, and I was a goner.
  19. Central Park is beautiful after dark. Stunning. I will not be getting a proposal on Harmony on our Nov 3rd cruise (sniff, sniff), but if I was, Central Park lit up at night with the guitar player in the background would be amazing. Not that I've thought about it or anything... Congratulations!! (If you're considering the balcony, just make sure first that there's enough room for her, the furniture, and for you to get down on one knee. You don't want to trip on a chair!) 🙂
  20. Thanks! I'm just going to have to be realistic about the amount of gym clothes I pack. My optimism says 5 days, my realism says 1.
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