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  1. It seems to be going very well. Any time I have reached out he has responded by the next day. Even gave me times when he will be busy with his current cruisers, when he will be on a break that he can respond to us, and when are times he needs to recharge his powers. Which for me is good to know now and when we are on the boat. I am impressed already and getting even more excited.
  2. Yes you can call through your phone if yourself and other person you are calling has these 2 things, assuming you are not at a port. 1. You'll need a phone that can do wifi calling, I know it is pretty common now, or have an app such a WhatsApp or skype. 2. You must be connected to the wifi which does require purchase of an internet plan to use on board. Personally I haven't ever had a need to call someone one boat i usually will run into them eventually. I have seen people do it and I'll be doing facetime on my star class cruise to rub it in my sister's face that she didn't
  3. Yes im on symphony in the 2 bedroom aquatheather suite 9334
  4. I finally received my email from the Royal Genie and we got Hossain Monowar. Has anyone have the pleasure of having him as their royal genie?
  5. How do the star class luggage tags differ than other suites? The one's I got for my SC cruise they only say suite on them.
  6. If you want to save money while still having a "passport" you could apply for a passport card for them. I love having my passport card. It is about the size of a driver license and I always have it in my wallet. Plus it is a much cheaper option than getting a full passport.
  7. Where would recommend ordering from for breakfast I plan on having our first breakfast out on our deck.
  8. DARN someone beat me to this. I am actually on this exact same cruise you are in also in Star Class. I have already, offline, prepping some of the early post and what not. This will be the first time anyone in my party will have been in Star Class or a suite for that matter. I am taking my parents and my future wife on this cruise in the 2 bedroom aquatheather suite on deck 9. From the time I have booked this my mother has told me if I couldn't afford it they would not be sad if they cancelled, she was worried about the cost. But I have told her and my father many times that the cost is
  9. I will joining you both on this cruise in the 2 bedroom aquatheather suite. It will be my first SC cruise.
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