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I'm a fairly simple drinker and tend to stick with things I already know i.e. beers, long islands, bourbon, gin, etc. (could not for the life of me remember all those crazy mixed drink names)

Since I am purchasing the deluxe drink package it gives me a rare opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and start experiment with all those crazy drinks with crazy names. (why not!? since im on vacation!) *This will be on the 7 day symphony of the seas western caribbean jan, 2020*

So my question is:

Does anyone have a list of official drink names and the ingredients that they could send me? :100_pray: (I plan on printing or copy pasting the list to take with me to the cruise lol)

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2 minutes ago, fonemanbob said:

sex on the beach, slippery nipple, fuzzy navel, Jack and Coke, slow gin fizz, whatever they are drinking, Bahama Mama, Hendricks and tonic. And last is the drink of the day. Always a crowd favorite.  You will have plenty to choose from. And hopefully not a headache or hangover.  Please hydrate. 

Thank you fonemanbob! What is in the bahama mama, fuzzy navel, slippery nipple?

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Can't stand the slippery nipple and sex on the beach...I was a cocktail waitress in college, I always felt that people ordered for a shock purpose.  It is bailey's and Sambuca, layered in a shot glass.  For me, if I wanted a drink like that I would order a B52 after dinner.  B52s are layered like the slippery nipple.  It is Baileys, Kahlua and Gran Marnier.   OBTW bartenders hate when you order layer drinks because to layer it, requires pouring the alcohol on the back of the spoon so it does not mix.  That means time, unlike ordering a Jack and Coke.

If Bailey's and shots are in your wheelhouse.  Order a BRAIN.  It is schnapps (usually peppermint).  Than they pour in Baileys, and finally a dash of grenadine.  The Baileys coagulates in the schnapps and then the dash of grenadine will travel in it to look like blood veins in the brain.

My husband loves the frozen concoctions when sailing.  On land he is a Bulleit Bourbon and Coke guy.  He likes the Kracken lava flow and Miami vice.

I believe Miami vice is 1/2 pina colada and 1/2 strawberry daiquiri. 

At Bolero's they have my favorite drink.  It is called either the Royal Marq'rita or Crown Marq'rita.  It is a traditional margarita, but they add Royal Crown in.  If you like magaritas than you want to go to that bar since they have a huge selection of specialty margaritas.  I typically do not like my margaritas frozen, and request it on the rocks, which they will do.

Typically on a cruise I like to have Caribbean style drinks that are not frozen.  I will say the only one I won't order on RCL is the Mojito.  Tried it on every ship we have sailed, and it really isn't like what you get on land.  I understand why.  The bars are always packed and they don't have the time to muddle the mint which is key.

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You can easily Google on the internet to get a list of standard drinks and their ingredients.  Most bartenders will be familiar with those.  Use that list if you want to find yourself some new favorite drinks to order back on land.

But to take advantage of being on a cruise, what I would do is just sit down with the menu at whichever bar you stop at and sample the drinks on it. 

You can get an tequila sunrise, screwdriver, old fashioned, long island iced tea, whiskey sour, lemon drop, etc., at pretty much any standard bar on land.  But you can't go to a standard bar on land and order a Tokyo Tea and expect them to know what's in it, or as mentioned above, the Coco Loco.

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