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May my child walk to her cabin on deck 12 though the Solarium?

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As they enter the one end of the solarium, a stop watch will be started.  they have precisely 45 seconds from that point to traverse the length of the solarium IN ABSOLUTE SILENCE (Their time will be docked for every spoken word). Should they fail to reach the exit before the horn sounds they will be forced to consume an extra ration of vegetables with their evening meal!




JUST KIDDING!  They will be fine!


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Just now, Pima1988 said:

I agree you will see kids float in an out in the Solarium.  IE they know the folks are there and they have to come to them for whatever arises...Mom, I am going with so and so to do the rock climbing wall.    You will only get looks if they go into the hot tub or pool.  

Or if they occupy the lounge chairs .... I could see some having an issue with that too, since they're in limited supply ..... But just passing through?  Never an issue.

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