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  1. At Port Everglades what terminal does Adventures of the Seas leave from?
  2. Chitzen Itza tour says it starts at 8:30am. Is that the time that you leave the ship or when you group together on the pier to take the ferry boat?
  3. Release Form do you have to sign one every time? To Ice Skate and to do the Flow Rider do you have to sign the release form every time? Can our 12 year old go by herself after we sign the release over and over.
  4. Thank you. Seemed that it would be fine. As you can imagine I read some other post and they weren't too kind.
  5. On Adventure of the Seas we have cabin 1864 on deck 12 which is a open deck. Will it be alright for my child (12) to walk by herself through the Solarium deck 11. Solarium is enclosed. Deck 12 is not enclosed. She is not playing in the area just walking back to her cabin.
  6. With 30% sale today it was a good deal to get the refreshment package. I guess Crockett and Tubbs and I will hang out a lot.
  7. 23 March 2019 Adventure Of The Seas Cabin 1864 Ocean panoramic view. Oversize 5 windows cabin. Thanks Matt for the Intel.
  8. Frozen Miami Vice. They are those red and white drinks you often see in the pictures.
  9. How much does Non Alcohol Frozen Miami Vice drinks cost? Already have the Coke package just want to splurge a few times on frozen non alcohol drinks. I'm getting drink of the day the other times.
  10. Photo Package is it like the Walt Disney one? Do they take pictures throughout the ship. How many pictures will usually be in your photo package? If you plan to get the formal picture is in a better deal to get the photo package?
  11. Should our 10 year old daughter have the full dinner experience with Mom and Dad or go to the Adventures Club at 645pm. She is nervous about meeting other kids. Majesty of the Seas 4 nights we were thinking on the first night she would have a better chance meeting other kids.
  12. On Majesty Of The Seas what or who decides if you will be having dinner at Moonlight or Starlight? We plan to have our dinners at the Main dinning room each night. Can you try the other restaurant one of the other nights?
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