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  1. I'm so sorry that your vacation has been run off the rails like this. Have you looked at any other cruise line?
  2. Whatever they decide to do, I hope the improve the food on Oasis. I was actually shocked that the food went from excellent (really - you must try the cold soups!) to too difficult to eat (duck leg quarter that was more bone than flesh, steak that was well marbled with gristle...). Some food that should have been hot arrived to our table cold. I didn't expect amazing food in the main dining room - in fact I expected it to be middle of the road, generic catering type food. Instead it was more like Junior High school cafeteria food. On the plus side, for a $17 up charge you can get a 9 ounce tenderloin steak from Chops.
  3. Or something on the stateroom TV? Or maybe issue a super-secret individual code to cruisers that would allow them to get the same benefit if they booked on line or over the phone within 30 days of completing a cruise?
  4. The way I solved the problem of packing for formal night was to not pack a suit at all.... I rented a tux through Royal Caribbean's website. There were some technology glitches, but I got it sorted out via e-mail with the tux people. The tux was hanging in my cabin when I boarded the ship. The tailor even called our room to see if I needed any adjustments. Because my feet are a mess I brought my own shoes, but you can rent those, too. Jacket, pants, two shirts, cummerbund, vest, bow tie, long tie, studs, and cuff links for $99.
  5. We're back from our cruise aboard Oasis. I went to the Next Cruise desk but decided not to make a reservation or put down a deposit. The person we "spoke" with couldn't have been less interested in us, explaining the process, or the benefits. And I had no idea one could transfer the reservation to another cruise until I read Matt's post. I get it - we were there late in the cruise, there were only three agents (often only two on duty), and not many people realized that there was an appointment book (I had an appointment). I was so put off by the experience that I sat at a table in the Schooner bar and surfed other cruise lines' websites; honesty if I wanted to be treated like that I'd vacation at a DMV office... So my advice to anyone using Next Cruise on Oasis is to sign up for an appointment as early in the cruise as possible, and know what you want before you get to your appointment.
  6. Thanks, Matt! I think we'll go the earliest we can - my kids might hate sitting in the terminal, but I want to get on the ship, maybe eat some lunch and just get as much a head start on this thing as possible! While I'm sure the Crowne Plaza is a nice hotel, you're right, might as well be closer to the ship!
  7. We're sailing on Oasis of the Seas on Saturday. I intended to go to the terminal around 11:30 or 12:00 based on what I've read - arrive early or late to beat the crowds. Today I got an e-mail and a robo call from Royal Caribbean telling me to check in at 1:30 (based on what deck our rooms are on). Is this normal? When I got the first notification from my TA I thought "Uh, oh... sounds like they have to disinfect three decks..." Soooo..... should I show up early, or wait till 1:30? Here's the salient part of the e-mail from RC: ------- Hello, this is Royal Caribbean International. We would like to provide you with important information regarding your sailing on April 11, 2015, onboard Oasis of the Seas. To enhance the check-in and boarding experience, we ask that guests arrive to the terminal based on the following times. Guests on decks 14, 10, & 3 should arrive for check-in at 1:30 P.M. Guests on decks 9 & 7 should arrive for check-in at 2:00 P.M. Guests on decks 12 & 11 should arrive for check-in at 2:30 P.M. Guests on decks 8 & 6 should arrive for check-in at 2:45 P.M. We invite our Suite guests, Pinnacle and Diamond Plus members, and guests with previously arranged transportation to arrive anytime between 12:30 P.M. and 3:30 P.M. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and look forward to welcoming you onboard the Oasis of the Seas.
  8. Thanks for the advice! Sail away draws near, and I'm in partial freak out mode as we get closer... But I'm sure that by the time I get on the plane tomorrow the freak out will be over... And I'll be well on my way to a full meltdown.
  9. Michelle - would you say that for a family of four taking two taxis is a reasonable plan?
  10. I hope you and yours have an awesomely awesome cruise!
  11. I haven't even been on my first cruise yet... but I already find my self wondering when the next group cruise will be and if I can possibly go. Maybe on Anthem of the Seas? Or perhaps Harmony? If they do another sailing from Bayonne I might be able to swing it...
  12. Thanks for calming me down! But I am truly sorry your crossing was less than awesome. I hope you get an opportunity to make up for it with an excellent cruise soon!
  13. What was disappointing about it? I'm taking my family on Oasis in April.... my first cruise, and I'm starting to freak out a little bit!
  14. I'm glad to learn that your problem has been solved! As far as Park Cafe versus Windjammer.... why not both? :D
  15. I'm sorry you had a bad time on Oasis! I'm taking my family on her in a month, I hope they work out whatever the problems are! I can understand an IT issue, what I can't understand is poor service.
  16. Would disclosing the name of this other line be against the board's rules? If not, why not spill the beans?
  17. Thanks again! I just submitted the form on Royal's website. That's one less thing for my wife an I to worry about! CPAP Luggage Bathing suits for daughter Find something to do in Falmouth Avoid breaking neck on Flowrider
  18. My wife uses a CPAP machine that requires distilled water to humidify its output. Does anyone know if distilled water is available on board ship? I assume if there isn't that we can bring a bottle on board.... I just hope there's a CVS within walking distance of the port...
  19. CRAP! I hope they can expedite your passport!
  20. First off, I hope you enjoyed your cruise! Did you use the wifi service? If so, how were the speeds?
  21. Uggg..... Such a silly rule. What is I wanted to bring protein bars or some such? We're spending a lot of money on these cruises, why should we be treated like school children?
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