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  1. Hi all! For those that have done the Fury Snorkeling excursion, I have a couple questions. I don't see an age restriction like some other snorkeling tours (minimum 8 years old), so I do believe my 5 year old is able to snorkel? Any experience with that? I'm also wondering if kids can wear their own life jackets, ones we bring from home? Thank you!
  2. How many days are required to order this? For example can I order for my last 2 days?
  3. I read if you pre order them, they are delivered to your room before you arrive on the first day. The rule behind it tho is you must drink it in your stateroom
  4. Thank you, I love planning and needed the specific days! Very helpful
  5. I haven’t found anything about a formal night on Liberty of The Seas. I read a statement about how it’s only on some ships. Does anyone know whether or not this ship has them? April 7th 2019 to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica . Thanks!
  6. I only see 350 ml of alcohol bottles for pre ordering at $45. Does RC sell liter bottles?
  7. Does RC allow passengers to carry on their own water, pop, or juice boxes? I noticed they charge $40 for a 12 pack of water. Wow!
  8. Thanks for your response, but I already knew all this. I’m hoping someone has traveled to these ports without a passport and can comment with their outcome. I’ve read several posts on different sites stating the call centers for cruise lines are not very educated and give wrong information, so in all honesty I would trust someone who has actually traveled to these ports vs. calling and talking to a rep.
  9. Cruising to Cozumel aboard Liberty of the Seas in April 2019, I’ve read great reviews about PlayaMia Grand Beach Park. The excursion through RC doesn’t offer snorkeling, so I’m inteterested in booking the Cozumel Snorkel Tour directly through PlayaMia, which also advertises as including open bar and international buffet. On their website it states transportation for any “pre-booked” excursion will be provided directly to and from port. My question is: does “pre-booked” refer to being booked through RC, or if you book with PlayaMia do they also include transportation? It states if not “pre-
  10. First time cruiser and I’m stressing about required travel documentation. We are cruising to Cozumel, George Town (Grand Cayman), and Falmouth, Jamaica in April 2019 aboard Liberty of the Seas. Embarking and deparking from Galveston, Texas. So I understand this is considered a “closed loop” cruise. However I find a definite answer whether or not passports are required. For closed loop cruises, generally speaking it states a valid I.D. and birth certificate is sufficient, however it says to check with each specific port. So my question is: does Cozumel, Grand Cayman, or Jamaica require a
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