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  1. I was on the phone getting clarification it took me four staff members a manager and a supervisor and they told me at the end that the switch telehealth are not accepted for boarding onto Royal Caribbean ships. It comes down to that they’re not approved for US standards but we can use him to come home to Canada on board. It’s crazy I get a different answer each person I speak with .
  2. No, they have taken that away. You need to be tested at the pier after you get off the ship.
  3. I'm going on a cruise March 18th out of San Pedro CA and can't seem to get a straight answer regarding the Switch self administered test. Being that the rules are going to be changed Feb 28th I was going to get the Antigen home test kit. Has anyone used the Switch home kit via teleheath.. flying from Vancouver to LA .. then on cruise.. has anyone successfully done this? Has anyone flown home from USA successfully crossing the border using the Telehealth Switch home kit? Appreciate anyone that has successfully used these kits to please help me out. I know there was a guy that almost got charged the $5000 fine but was that a "one" off? Thank you, Jill
  4. So, am I understanding, are the switch antigen tests kits not acceptable to get into the US and Royal? Also the RCT lamp won't be accepted to get back into Canada? This seems odd considering they're sold for travelling?? Thanks Jill
  5. Can anyone tell me what they're doing to get home to Canada for testing now Royal doesn't do the pcr on board anymore? I want to test on board as they will take care of us if we're positive. If we wait until we get off the ship, we won't have the guarantee. Thanks for any help!
  6. We've got Navigator of the seas booked for March 18th and trying to figure out what to do now we can't do the PCR test with Royal like we did last month
  7. What's fellow Canadians doing for the covid test to return to Canada after the cruise? Anyone tried the Air Canada Aeroplan once you do with a video connection on board?
  8. Have any Canadians cruised since Royal changed the rules and won't do the onboard PCR testa the end of the cruise? Just wondering how that works? Are we able to get the PCR test at the terminal and then take the Royal shuttle to the airport? What's the cost? Thanks
  9. How's the Xmas cruise going? Still going to all ports? Any issues covid related to cancellations? Appreciate any feedback, supposed to be on New Years Navigator of the seas. Thank you very much, Jill
  10. Welcome!! Can't wait to cruise again Super excited to be cruising from the West Coast!!! First time on Navigator of the Seas.
  11. Good evening, Could anyone that has been on a cruise recently explain to me how the process works to get a PCR test on board? When does it happen? Do we book it or does RCC know we require it from our booking? I'm flying back to Canada and need to make sure it's the correct COVID test Also to confirm, there's no charge? Can't wait to get back on board TIA
  12. Hello, going on the Navigator on Dec 31st could you kindly recommend a hotel to stay which is close to the cruise terminal? Guess we would need to get a shuttle to get to the hotel Thanks in advance , Jill
  13. Is there a charge if you order the room service in the Grand Suite as well? Thanks, Jill
  14. Thanks for everyone's feedback.. I called the Royal Casino line and they said to enrol you have to spend min of 3-4 hours in the casino everyday with a minimum bet of $5 a spin for slot machines and same time at Blackjack tables with min of $50 bet each hand.. guess I won't be getting free drinks like I always do with Carnival :)
  15. Ok thanks for the information Marc.. do I sign up for the mlife before the cruise or while I'm on it? Thanks, Jill
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