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  1. Is there a charge if you order the room service in the Grand Suite as well? Thanks, Jill
  2. Thanks for everyone's feedback.. I called the Royal Casino line and they said to enrol you have to spend min of 3-4 hours in the casino everyday with a minimum bet of $5 a spin for slot machines and same time at Blackjack tables with min of $50 bet each hand.. guess I won't be getting free drinks like I always do with Carnival :)
  3. Ok thanks for the information Marc.. do I sign up for the mlife before the cruise or while I'm on it? Thanks, Jill
  4. I'm sailing on the Oasis for the first time. Does anyone know if RC has any type of complimentary drinks after so many points? When I've been on Carnival once you get 1500 points you get free drinks while you're in the Casino. Thanks, Jill
  5. Hello Matt, Thank you very much for your links and suggestions :) that's exactly what I'm looking for :) Have a great day! Jill
  6. Good afternoon fellow cruisers :) , My hubby and I are going on the Oasis of the Seas for B2B cruises Western Caribbean then Eastern Caribbean. I like to have an idea what to do in the different ports so I thought I would reach out to many of you who have been on these cruses :) Favorite thing to do is go to a nice beach and relax and have cold Corona's :) Maybe get a massage, lie in a hammock and maybe get a bite to eat. Any recommendations ? West 1) Labadee Haiti? 2) Falmouth, Jamaica 3) Cozumel East 1) Nassau, Bahamas 2) St Thomas 3) St Maarten Th
  7. Good evening,, thanks for the answers.. I have sailed on Carnival several times and always taken on 12 cans of pop per person.. Just wasn't sure of RC rules are :) Thanks again, Jill
  8. Good evening.. Thank you for your suggestions :) I appreciate it very much!
  9. Good evening, Any recommendations for a clean, decent hotel for night before cruise.. Would prefer to have a shuttle from Airport and possibly to the Cruise terminal. Thank you very much, Jill
  10. Good evening, First cruise with Royal on the Oasis of the Seas.. Are we able to bring on any pop , water, or beer ? I have only been on Carnival Cruises so I don't know Royal's take on this.. Thank you, Jill
  11. Hello everyone.. Thanks for your feedback.. I have booked on my own ( which I usually do ).. not impressed at all with the customer service at Choice Air.. not only price MUCH cheaper on my own booking but couldn't handle the type of service I got.. Both agents I spoke to didn't seem to know how to book the flight I had pre determined.. They put me on hold as they said they were going to "manually" rate the airfare!! Manual? in 2015! Anyways, they couldn't seem to let me know what the advantages would be to book through them so I gave up!
  12. I have booked back to back cruises on the Oasis for December in the Grand suites.. I'm looking to set up my airfare and have tried contacting Choice Air!! WOW I have never ever had such terrible customer service in my life!! Anyone experienced this??
  13. Hey WAAAYTOOO :) Thanks for your message.. I love the big ships too!! the bigger the better! I know people talk about crowds but I don't necessarily find them busier cause there's more space for everyone to spread out! Planning! absolutely love the pre cruise planning.. from the Cruise itself to airfare, hotels, excursions etc!! I love finding deals! Almost become obsessed with it hahahaha... Don't worry, I won't let the few glitches ahead of time taint me with RC.. I think it will all work out :) Casino! I agree with the smoke factor.. I'm an ex smoker too,, it doesn't bot
  14. OMGOSH WAAAYTOOO! You're hilarious! Yes I absolutely agree there is quite the mess with the DD changes.. I have cruised only on Carnival and this is my first experience with Royal.. not going to lie.. not really liking what I have seen so far! Especially since we booked back to back cruises on the Oasis for December and both in the Grand Suite.. so costing us a pretty penny :) I do a lot of research online and if I can't find the info I call the 1 800 Royal line.. of the 2 times I have called there I haven't had very good customer service.. for example.. put me on a wait list which I wouldn't
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