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  1. For the suitcases you check and they deliver to your room, can you put a pad lock on it or do they need to open the suitcase? First timer here.
  2. Going on a first cruise in March on the 4 night Enchantment out of Port Canaveral. What is the entertainment like on this cruise? How long before the cruise can you see the entertainment on board for that cruise through Cruise Planner? Thanks for all your help in advance.
  3. Wife and I get motion sick on smaller boats. What will this really be like? Do wrist bands really work? Patches behind the ear? Any comments much appreciated.
  4. Do you use cash at the casino or do you use you sea card?
  5. Thanks for the replies. So is Chops 30.00 per person for anything on the menu and as much as you want to eat?
  6. First time cruise coming in March. Going on 4 night on Enchantment of the Sea. Any comments appreciated. We have My Time Dining. Is it still necessary to make a reservation and should we do it before getting on the ship? Comments about Chops. Is it better then main dining? Worth the extra cost? Any other helpful hints about this ship would be appreciated. Thank you
  7. Thanks Matt. If you buy a drink at a bar can you wander around the boat and bring it back to the stateroom?
  8. Going on our first cruise for 4 nights on Enchantment out of Port Canaveral in March 2016. Any information about tips, information, anything you can give would be appreciated, especially about the food in MDR and the service in all.
  9. What is the best time to go for my time dining and being able to sit immediately for 2?
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