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  1. We cruised out of Port Everglades last month and the porters were very nice and helpful. No bag issues at all!. We also tipped $2 per bag.
  2. I sailed on Allure earlier this month, we had the Key and our Chops lunch was served in MDR. Yes, I was initially slightly disappointed to not get experience in the restaurant, but honestly, it turned out great. I had read on here about long lines and rushed service, and ours turned out to be a lovely experience. It was the same food which was excellent, our server was terrific, we had no wait and it was a relaxed experience. I get what your feeling but I wouldn't be so bummed and would try to focus on the positives. :) It's still an awesome way to kick off your cruise!
  3. Help! We leave on Allure today and something important just dawned on me (I live 15 minutes from Port Everglades so I have means at home to fix!). We have the Key so we drop off our carry on sat Amber Theater....are we supposed to put the luggage tags on our carry on bags too so they can identify what room they go to? Or so they do something there so they know where to deliver them? Thanks for the fast help!
  4. Question about this too - we booked a CP Balcony room for my kids on Allure. When I booked it, I know we joked about how my kids wouldn't need/receive the bottle of wine. But since the room under my children (ages 14 & 10), will we receive any of the perks? Anyone else book a CP Balcony just for their kids?
  5. We are on Allure and one of our stops is Nassau. We have a friend who has a relationship Atlantis Resort, and when my husband and I cruised 6 years ago with a stop there, she hooked us up with a VIP experience of swimming with the Dolphins and the day at AquaPark. We grabbed a cab to Atlantis on our own and just went to Guest Services there, where she had everything taken care of for us. However, we had the full day there - ship got in early and left later in the day. Due to Allure's propulsion issues, we now arrive in Nassau at 11am and depart at 6:30pm. Our friend is trying to hook us up ag
  6. This is all great info, thank you! I probably should have added that I live 20 minutes away from Port Everglades, so I do not have the issue of suitcases on planes too, LOL! This is impressive - we are a family of four too and I can't imagine making this work, especially with a teenage girl, LOL...kudos to you! Heck yes, me too! So for your carry on bags, it sounds like most of you use the roller bags. I had been thinking more of a duffel bag style, but now you are giving me pause. We have the Key, so I don't have to worry about dragging the carry on bags around with us.
  7. Just curious how many suitcases you typically pack per person for a 7 night cruise. I have packing cubes for both me and my husband, but not my kids (I might break down and get each kid a set). But when I think about day time clothing, evening clothing, work out clothing...I start thinking more than one suitcase is going to be needed for me!
  8. Thank you all! There really is no chance I'm letting my daughters show up to dinner in their jean shorts, but I just wanted to be armed with info in case of a battle LOL. I honestly don't worry about my 10 year old, but my 14 year old believes she knows everything!
  9. Hi all - we are taking our daughters (ages 10 and 14) on their first cruise on Allure next month. What would you say is the typical attire in the MDR for teen and pre-teen girls? My thought is casual dresses, rompers, etc (excluding formal nights).....but I can already see them wanting to show up in their jean shorts some nights and I have a feeling that wouldn't be the best option for them! Thanks in advance. Hubby and I went on Majesty 6 years ago and I wasn't really paying attention to what kids were wearing! Also, we have reservations at Izumi Hibachi on the second night, which is a
  10. I'm trying to convince my 14 year old as well for our cruise on Allure next month. She says the same exact thing. If you have any luck in the convincing department, please let me know what did the trick!
  11. That's what I was hoping, thank you!
  12. Hi all! Our cruise on Allure is next month and on the app, it says we have an arrival time of 12pm to board (and this was what I was able to change it to....it was initially 2:30pm). We purchased the Key and I'd like to be able get on the ship early and take advantage of our lunch. Plus given that we live in Ft. Lauderdale, it's pretty easy for us to be at Port Everglades early. Is this arrival time a strict thing or can we get there earlier to board the ship? Thank you for your help!
  13. Hi all, First time posting, but I've been reading along for the past 6 weeks or so, since I discovered this site. We are going on Allure July 14-21. I got an email the other day that My Time Dining Reservations were available. I went to make some this morning but it's only late times available. In your experiences, will we be able to get 7pm-ish reservations when we get on the ship, or are we now going to be stuck eating at 8:30 p.m. every night? Thanks for the advice!
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