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  1. We have just transferred our 2020 Alaskan cruise to Michelle at MEI after the 60 day period had gone by. Like others had stated it took a few days for it too happened, but she worked her magic and made it happen.
  2. Does this mean onboard drink prices are going up?
  3. I would like to thank everyone for your quick responses. The cruise we are looking at is on the Brilliance of the Seas in October of 2020. We are currently working with Michelle at MEI Travel on our upcoming Alaska cruise. We will use this information and get in touch with Michelle regarding the October 2020 cruise once she is back from her vacation. Once again, thank you all!
  4. Our question is: if we book the group cruise while on board through Next Cruise and then transfer to our Mei travel agent, would we still be qualified for the group cruise benefits. Our reason for doing bookings on board would be to receive (OBC) and reduced deposit. Thanks, Jim
  5. We would like to thank everyone for all the information provided to us. After looking at all the options we have decided to try the Best Western Hotel & Conference Center. The price we got it for was $164.49 per night. This will work well for us because we were not looking for all the bells and whistles seeing it is only 1 night in January which limits outside activities. Once again, thank you to everyone:)
  6. We are taking our first cruise out of Baltimore in January. We are planning on driving down the day before from New England. Does anyone have any recommendations for hotels near the cruise port that offers stay and park with shuttling to the port. Thanks for any help:)
  7. Independence of the Seas use the platform to wave goodbye to us (Allure of the Seas) when we were leaving Falmouth, Jamaica.
  8. 48.on my Allure sailing end of Feb. on drink package. Saved $5.on a shore excursion
  9. Is there any limit to how many price drops you can use on a single reservation. The reason for the question is because we reserved a cruise this past July for March of 2018. At that time the promo was 50% off second guest and 30% off third and fourth guest. We just now rebooked the cruise at 60% off and 30% off additional guest which saved us around $400 between the five of us. If another 50 or 60% off sale comes up in the future will we be able to take advantage of it again on our new price. Thank you much:)
  10. Does anyone know if the reward points for the RC Visa credit card expire? And how do you go about using the points for on-board credit. Thank you.
  11. On are Allure cruise in Feb. the Deluxe Package is $48.a day. I payed $46. for the Premium Package.
  12. YES, they do. The cucumber martini is one of my highlights when cruising on the Oasis or the Allure. I have yet to find this tasty treat on any other ship, which is too bad.
  13. We are doing a B2B on the Allure in February 2017. I purchased a premium drink package for this trip. We plan on having dinner at 150 Central with the wine pairing. We also enjoy doing the wine tastings at Vintages. Does anyone know if either of these are included in the premium drink package? Another question is due to the changes to the drink package it looks like we will be upgraded to the new deluxe package. Does anyone know if this will happen? Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions. We have been long time observers of this board and have gain a lot of helpful information.
  14. Hi to everyone. This is our first post! We are doing a 2 b to b on Allure of the Seas in February of 2017. We have been along time observer of this blog. We are Diamond member with RCCI. Our questions is, has anyone done the Abi Beach Shore Excursion in St. Thomas? We are trying to decide if it is worth the time and money. Thank you in advance for any help on this topic:)
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