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  1. Hey Matt, JayMac did credit the Internet!! Thanks Internet!!
  2. Looking forward to YOUR critique or theirs?? Sailing on her 12/29/2019 for New years!! Woo hoo. Was advised by TA that she's sooold out for that sailing.
  3. What are they getting for parking there per day?
  4. Curious as to why they are STILL going to Labadee when they have this? I am doing Oasis for New Year 2020 after the AMPED and we're doing Labadee.
  5. When we were on Symphony a month ago during the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 playoffs, Playmakers was quite frankly not all that busy despite the event. I just don't get the whole concept of being on a gorgeous ship and watching sports, but to each their own. Except for Aqua Theatre events, the whole boardwalk was never that busy.
  6. I had no status, only an email to tell me the bid was received. 1 day before sailing got an email telling me no cabins available and bid rejected. Being spring break, I understood that, but it was disheartening nonetheless.
  7. How much did you have to bid to get a GS over a JS. I am thinking it's all plusgrade algorithms and you had the highest. Ours was spring break and there wasn't a single upgrade to be had, regardless of bid.
  8. So, essentially,they keep their tier at 18, but have to earn a new higher one after 18 with their own points. We are in same boat as many. Nearly D+ ( two cruises short), but kid will only have earned Diamond points by the time he's 18. If we reach D+ before he's 18, he keeps that D+ status, but points reset to what he ( kudos has personally earned) .
  9. So, what does a Junior Suite give you then that regular stateroom does not? Do you have access to Suite Lounge and also outside lounging area during pool days? I know you get dinner at CK with reservations, but does The Key add to that as well? How about drinks?? We are Diamond ( almost Plus ) so what does that add to the equation?? We've always done outside balconies, no interior, but found room small for 2 adults and 1 14 year old.
  10. They handle it for the hotel and cruise industry in general. It's called Plusgrade. www.Plusgrade.com
  11. I've bid twice, on two separate cruises, since they started it. It's totally automated and is handled by a third party administrator and not RC and is a company who handles bids and upgrades for both cruise and hotel industry. I was notified both times that my bids were not Accepted.i was told about 24 hours before the embarkation.
  12. I was on Symphony last week and it did not have it.
  13. X2, just got back from there on Symph last week and it's a pit. Skinny dogs , cows and dirt roads. Beaches are craggy with lots of rock. Water was clear blue, but Drinky Monkey Bar a pit too!!
  14. When I was on Independence in April 2018, they had most of the supplies for renovations already on ship. Thus was last sailing before her dry dock.
  15. Exactly!!! BUT, if someone doesn't want The Key, then don't complain about those who may want to purchase it nor call it nickel and diming.
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