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    whitsmom reacted to CHRIS WONG in Odyssey Today   
    Showgirl is my favorite Royal Caribbean Production show I've seen throughout my career.
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    whitsmom got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Yes: Another "The Key" Question!!!   
    We got the Key for our Harmony cruise in July.  I hope by then things will be somewhat back to normal.  This is the first time for using the "Key".  Having two teenage grands with us will be nice for the Voom for everyone this trip.  A lot can change before July gets here but I am hoping for better not worse! Time will tell....
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    whitsmom reacted to CHRIS WONG in Odyssey Of The Seas - Chris Wong   
    Today has made me realize how much Facebook and Instagram has taken over my life...
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    whitsmom reacted to smokeybandit in Navica results- QR code question   
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    whitsmom reacted to GKMCruising in Freedom OTS 9/27/21 - 10/01/21 - Protocols   
    No kidding. On Ovation a few weeks ago, we saw staff with flashlights/blacklights going over the glass on various handrails and surfaces to make sure there were no spots that had been missed when wiping down.
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    whitsmom reacted to Andy & Sheryl Unwin in Freedom OTS 9/27/21 - 10/01/21 - Protocols   
    So we are back from our short jaunt to Nassau and Perfect Day. A fun four day break we have been looking forward to for some time. There have been several questions about the Covid protocols so I thought I would answer them all in one posting.   First, as we were going to the Bahamas, the Bahamian Government has mandated all visitors MUST prove their full vaccinations. Not a problem for us, Sheryl and I had our second shots at the end or April.   Next requirement was for us to test negative for Covid. Also not so much of a challenge. 2 days prior to boarding, we each used a proctored online antigen test. (we used the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Self Test) The results were negative as expected. In fairness, all crew are vaccinated and it is my understanding they are all subject to antigen testing regularly. At the terminal, we arrived at our appointed boarding time and our documents were checked, passports, Boarding Documents, Covid Vaccine Cards, and proof of negative antigen test all checked at the door of the terminal.   Once through the initial check, we were directed up the escalators to the next point where we were again validated, and this time subject to health screen, including temperature checks. Following that, we were adorned with wristbands (do not remove) which proved to all around us we were vaccinated and negative. All good, now to security.   There was a little concern when they scanned my back pack and saw the magnets there, but it was easily resolved with a quick look. Thank you to the security staff for their vigiliance by the way. Their job is to stop anything nasty getting on the ship. As we boarded Freedom of the Seas, we were once more security screened and all was good. Thereafter we were directed to our emergency muster station for our safety briefing. Then wayhay, we could enjoy.   All out door spaces were mask free, and inside the ship, general areas like passageways, the promenade and such were mask mandatory. There were however, mask free zones for the fully vaccinated. Honestly, it was no hardship, I think we have all become accustomed to wearing masks as it is. However, the opportunity to be mask free out doors and in specific areas was more than welcome.   There were some changes since our last cruise. For example, at the buffet, it was not self service, staff behind the counters piled the plates on request. Additionally, in the WindJammer Buffet, tables were well segregated, every other table was marked as unavailable, the remainder were open, and in my field of view when they were cleared, they were totally sanitized including seating and table edges. There were far more hand sanitizing stations than ever before, and prior to entering any part of the ship, such as shops, bars, theatre or restaurants, we were asked to use them.   I have always been pleased with how Royal Caribbean ships are so sparkling clean, the crew really do take pride in their ships. But on this trip, Freedom OTS was gleaming like never before. More than that, any surface that had public contact was sanitized heavens knows how many times per day. Even when we used the hot tub, when we got out, a crewmember was spraying down and sanitizing the hand rails we touched.   We have cruised onboard Freedom before, (2017) and love the ship herself, but we have to give kudos to RCCL in general, and the ships company in particular, for ensuring she wasnt only looking her best, but was amazingly clean and sanitized.
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    whitsmom reacted to LifesEz in C&A tier move   
    Just Skip, not a problem. I just got off a B4B on Symphony a few weeks back. I changed between several cruises.
    After we were allowed back on, I went to the Loyalty Ambassador, Mary, at the beginning of the next cruise around noon,
    handed her our seapass cards, and
    she either put a little sticker on it saying our correct level, or when she had blank cards, reprint new cards the card with the correct level.
    Additionally, she handed us all our pins for our new levels. 

    It generally took about 7 days for the system to catch up with us, and being in suites, by that time, we were changing again.
    However, the system may not be ready to give you 'Next Cruise' correct level discounts, unless you are longer than 6 days.
    That was the only place where we had an issue , but it recorded, and we corrected it on the last night of the 7-day cruise.
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    whitsmom reacted to Sharla in TBZ5-Global Suspension FCC on final receipt   
    It's because of Royal Caribbean that I drink. Or cry. Or both.
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    whitsmom reacted to JustMeJoe in Masking Advice for the Ship   
    Hi again Whitsmom.  We made it back from a 10 night on Freedom with no problems!  Just had to do a couple of nose swabs for the back to backs - negative.  Ship was about 20-40 percent capacity - smallest 1191 to 2609 largest - holds 4375.  Masks were on and off (sorry about that) - most wore them some did not - was really not a big deal since we were outside mostly or eating/drinking.  Really nothing to do ashore - mostly closed at Nassau.  Stayed on the ship and just glad to be sailing again. 
    Talk later, take care.   
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    whitsmom reacted to leesam82 in Traveling WIth Trusted Traveler ID   
    Hello All 
    I wanted to update this topic.  Although it maybe relevant only to a few. I did get confirmation from the CBP that a trusted traveler ID card issued through the Global Entry, FAST, SENTRI, and Nexus counts as authorized travel documentation.  So if your cruise is upcoming and you are a US Citizen leaving from the United States and traveling to the countries listed under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, you may travel and be granted entry back into the United States by traveling with your Trusted Traveler ID card. This is a good option for those who have global entry or membership to any of the trusted traveler programs (FAST, Sentri, & Nexus). This gives me peace of mind as I am still waiting on my passport renewal and was very nervous about getting it back in time for my cruise later this year. 
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    whitsmom reacted to KLA in Royal Up offers   
    It was JUST accepted. We sail in two days. Junior Suite from OV balcony GTY!!!!
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    whitsmom reacted to nhilding10 in Royal Caribbean's Stress Free Boarding Process   
    I can see both sides of this, and see why you say can't fault the people. My only issue with that, though, is when we sailed out of Miami on 9/20, many people tried to get into earlier lines than they had for check-in.
    If you want to show up early and wait, so be it, far from me to tell anyone else what to do, but if you have a 3:00 pm check in time, and you stand in the 12:00 line, that's a problem.
    We had a 12:00 pm check in time, and when we got there around 11:45, the 12:00 line was huge, probably over 125 to 150 people. The 1:00 line had maybe 15 to 20 people, and the 2:00 line had about the same, maybe a few more. There was no line for after that, that I could see. Thankfully for us, right around the time we got there, a Port employee came over and started giving instructions for times/lines/etc. and checking people's time's on their passes or app, and then our line "miraculously" cleared out to about 25 people, and the other 2 lines grew exponentially. 
    I can understand showing up early, getting in your line, and then if the earlier lines clear out, they would take you and check you in. I'm all for it. But those that do show up early just have to respect and understand the process in place and allow it to work. Then it will actually go quicker for all of us, I would think.
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    whitsmom reacted to CHRIS WONG in Where Did Everyone Go?   
    Right now, I see 1600 passengers for Odyssey next week.
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    whitsmom reacted to roybthered in Complimentary casino sailing?   
    We sailed in July this year from Southampton (the first cruise from the UK after the pandemic) and Anthem was only at 1000 capacity, it was only a 4 night cruise and went to the bay of Biscay and back no stops.
    We play in the casino and it was as you can imagine quite empty. When we returned home we received lots of emails with "Great deals" etc but one said we had a voucher from the Royal Casino so DW called Royal and asked as we wanted to book another cruise for October.  As she is on the phone she was getting excited and had to go and give our Crown and anchor numbers to the operator. She then ends the call and says, the good news is I have booked the cruise for 15th October for a 5 night cruise on Anthem again but the better news is we have been given a complimentary cruise from the casino and have been given a balcony suite!!! Could not believe it but am very happy we called! two weeks today we will be in Southampton boarding and cannot wait. (DW has told me not to complain if she spends too much time in the casino again and I won't ).
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    whitsmom reacted to wordell1 in Carry On vs. Checked luggage (bigger bags)   
    One thing to know about your big bags is that they don't always end up outside your door.  If it is getting late, take a walk around the hallway on your deck to see if they were left elsewhere.  This has happened to me several times. - usually they aren't far away.
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    whitsmom reacted to Matt in Repricing Discussion, TA or no TA, Alert Sites   
    Disagree. You only stand to benefit from a good travel agent
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    whitsmom reacted to PG Cruiser in Covid test - Walgreens   
    I used Walgreen's Rapid ID Now test for my Allure sailing.   I got the results after 15 minutes.   No problems encountered at embarkation at all.
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    whitsmom reacted to Ampurp85 in Jan Final payments pushed back.   
    I have 3 cruises scheduled in Jan and received this
    Dear Guest,
    While we know you’ve been patiently waiting for protocols, our teams have been diligently preparing and working with our medical teams, government health authorities, and testing providers to ensure we provide you with the best experience before and during your cruise. Our commitment is to share all protocols for your January sailing very soon, as we want you to have ample time to prepare for an enjoyable and healthy sailing!
    Additionally, we understand that the final payment date for many of our guests is getting closer. So, we’ve made the decision to push the final payment date for all sailings departing in January 2022. Guests on sailings departing between January 1, 2022 through January 31, 2022, will now have until 30 days prior to their sail date to make their final payment. Our hope is that this gives you a little extra flexibility when making the best decision for you and those in your party. Rest assured, no action is needed on your part, and no cancellations will occur until the new final payment date.
    Thank you for being a part of our Royal Comeback. We can’t wait to welcome you back onboard soon!

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    whitsmom reacted to KristiZ in Repricing excursions paid for by OBC   
    It will be refunded immediately.
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    whitsmom reacted to Ray in No smoking in casino (EU sailings)   
    I absolutely hated the smell of smoke in the casino on FOTS! The smell and the smoke made it an unpleasant experience and if being honest i couldn't wait to get outside for some fresh air....so i headed to the smoking area at pool deck.........yes i was a smoker at the time...about 30 a day and it was bad even for me! Said a few times previously that it should be banned indoors hopefully it is right across the fleet
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    whitsmom reacted to Pattycruise in Complimentary casino sailing?   
    I’m on a cruise now snd met someone who showed me how to check my offers.
    I had a $300 cruise credit as well as a free cruise I need to book by Oct 6.
    im glad I met this person!
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    whitsmom reacted to Shari in Liberty of the Seas approved for restricted!   
    I saw this on the CDC cruise ship color code site today!

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    whitsmom reacted to Sharla in No smoking in casino (EU sailings)   
    I exclusively travel with non-smokers and it bothers everyone. I agree with your overall point, but, again, smoking affects everyone, not just the smokers. I'm glad that the info will be changed.
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    whitsmom got a reaction from cruisellama in No smoking in casino (EU sailings)   
    I agree 100% with you as I have asthma.
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