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  1. Than I type…..you did it again.
  2. On a recent sailing I was leaning over the rear of the ship admiring the wake. I was approached by the Captain and given a Stern warning.
  3. Today I booked the train from London Waterloo to Southampton for the morning of the 21st and bus from Southampton to Heathrow for the morning of the 28th
  4. Unwritten rule that Pinnacles may request to use a Junior suite guest as a chair if seating runs out.
  5. Make sure to get the latest possible check in time but get to port at 10am. Just imagine 5 hours in the new chairs….
  6. Now I understand the 33 minute/mile pace. Also it appears you stopped for an occasional photo.
  7. And like in college the under 21 year olds know not to ask the over 21’s to buy them alcohol. “Hey Mister” remains unspoken on a Royal ship.
  8. Royal is partly to blame for this incident on Symphony as the crew member requested his contract be for Voyeur of the Seas.
  9. Veteran cruisers know to store their suitcases under the bed, thus eliminating space for stateroom attendant to hide.
  10. To expand on this theory, I calculated to turn $5 into 2,500 points requires one’s ability to be spit. 60% luck, 40% skill. any other ratio will fall short of 2,500 points….theoretically.
  11. Now that I have made my bookings, I’ll share that pricing for Wonder in January/February 2026 is the best value for latest batch of releases. The delta above freedom class is small and delta for Utopia is large.
  12. Hopefully $18/day beverage package person is working on loading prices for these sailings.
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