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    acesandeights reacted to Oliver in Suspected Covid-19 case on Quantum   
    Cruising is never going to happen without proof of vaccination. 
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    acesandeights reacted to monctonguy in Suspected Covid-19 case on Quantum   
    Vaccine is the ONLY way anything will return to normal..till then its masks, shut downs and very little to NO travel.....governments just won't allow it...
    I wouldn't book anything before that sails before the fall at this point!
    If a country with 5 cases allows one cruise, and someone is sick on the cruise.....just think about North American with tens of thousands of cases right now all while we are  trying to "flatten the curve"..it ain't working and winter is going to get alot worse before it starts to get better.....
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    acesandeights reacted to Karl in Suspected Covid-19 case on Quantum   
    The gentleman has actually tested negative after coming back on land. Both his original sample abd a fresh sample tested negative. Hurray!
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    acesandeights reacted to michelle in Cancelled through February 28th? Just got a press release   
    Oh its sad to see your "crossed out cruises"  makes it more real, lol
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    acesandeights reacted to cruisellama in Power up points   
    Forgot you can also just turn things inside out to get and extra day or two.
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    acesandeights reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Goodbye Grandeur   
    ^^  This is the tell.
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    acesandeights reacted to kadmgs in What’s the strangest thing you have seen on a cruise ship?   
    There was a couple on board with a us a few years ago that danced in the Centrium every night. She was always in sparkly/sequined boots, either bunny or cat ears, and hot pants/short shorts with fish nets. He was always in cargo shorts or Demin shorts with a Hawaiian shirt, sometimes the sleeves were missing. Didn't matter the song, they were dancing and had some signature moves. They were definitely the star of the show whether they knew it or not. As we were waiting for our departure group to be called, two ladies were sitting behind us talking about "Sparkly Boots" and wondering if they had participated in 70's night. I turned around and said yes, they did. The lady asked me how I knew who she was talking about and I said the whole ship knew... ?. 
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    acesandeights reacted to FionaMG in What’s the strangest thing you have seen on a cruise ship?   
    I can't remember which ship, only that it was somewhere in Europe. A group of choral singers decided they would "perform" in the atrium area, near guest services. All well and good, but instead of performing to the other passengers in the atrium, they formed themselves into a circle, all of them facing inwards towards each other. It was as if they wanted to show off their skills but were too embarrassed to show their faces, so they effectively turned their backs on their prospective audience. It was the weirdest thing.
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    acesandeights reacted to Ray in What’s the strangest thing you have seen on a cruise ship?   
    As mentioned at the time in my live blog from FOTS, seeing an american woman slightly worse for wear sitting in the Schooner Bar with her husband lift herself up off her seat a little , then proceeded to slip off her underwear and tuck them into her husbands jacket breast pocket ( i hope it was her husband lol ) 
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    acesandeights reacted to twangster in What’s the strangest thing you have seen on a cruise ship?   
    Strangest thing I've seen on a Royal ship was a college aged adult wearing a wild and elaborate halloween costume walking around the ship normally but completely outside of the halloween season.  
    Must have lost a bet with his buddies.  
    It was a double take moment.  Did I just see that?
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    acesandeights reacted to twangster in What’s the strangest thing you have seen on a cruise ship?   
    Not a Royal ship, one of a lesser competitor.  
    There are four or five adults drinking in a hot tub mid day on a sea day.  A little boy is going up and down the stairs to the hot tub every few minutes making faces and saying stuff, teasing the presumably family members in the hot tub.  After this continues for a while the child reaches the top of the stairs, turns around, lowers his trunks and proceeds to do something normally done in a bathroom.  The moment the realization struck the family in the hot tub they simultaneously all flew out of the tub in all directions, leaping over railings in unison.  It was quite the sight to see drunk adults moving so quickly in precision with each other.
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    acesandeights reacted to HeWhoWaits in What’s the strangest thing you have seen on a cruise ship?   
    That's just selfie-videos in action. I would consider that LESS strange on a cruise than in everyday life.
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    acesandeights reacted to sk8erguy1978 in Good Luck Quantum Of The Seas   
    Sounds like me... Example: I was in the supermarket a few days before Thanksgiving and apparently pudding isle was the hot spot. We kept having to move to the side so others could pass with cart (I didn't have a cart). One lady says, if we are going to do this we need to be going the same direction. I said, well there are arrows on the floor for a reason. (Both loud enough so the people going the wrong way could hear.)
    For reference, in NY (at least Hudson Valley) most, if not all, supermarkets (and other stores) implemented one way isles.
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    acesandeights reacted to sk8erguy1978 in Good Luck Quantum Of The Seas   
    I'm certain I would have made a backhanded under breath but loud enough for her to hear comment.
    I am constantly scolding my wife for double dipping in sauce we are sharing... Heck, even if it's her own personal helping! Dip once, and only once.
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    acesandeights reacted to PG Cruiser in Goodbye Grandeur   
    I’m not very picky with ships.  I book cruises on them more for bucket list reasons like class namesakes, inaugural and farewell sailings.
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    acesandeights reacted to twangster in Power up points   
    Indeed Pinnacle guests are treated well.  Leading up to Pinnacle I spent ~$4k on Voom purchases.   That perk alone saves me a bunch.  It's also nice always having 40% off the drink package just in case I feel like it - no longer have to watch for cruise planner sales.  If I feel like it I can just buy it on board but with at least 3 bottles of wine, happy hour drinks and a couple of Pinnacle events it rarely makes sense to buy the DX.  
    On the Allure TA in March they used Dazzles for us.  Had CK breakfast in Chops and the CK lunch in 150CP (too many Pins on board).   Seems like all we did was sleep, eat and drink.  On top of that Sabor and Samba Grill farewell meals (both were supposed to be lost in the Amplification right after that cruise). 
    I can generally find balcony cabins below OV rates and a smidge above interior now.  So yeah, Pinnacle is a great level.
    However Celebrity's Elite and Elite Plus now have very few real perks.  Zenith will hopefully get lounge access back once the pandemic passes, hopefully.  
    With losing so much money it will be curious to see how Pins are handled going forward.  For my 2021 cruises I'm expecting we'll lose CK access but hoping we retain Suite Lounge access.  Time will tell.  
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    acesandeights reacted to cruisellama in Corny Jokes   
    Trip to Norway 
    I took a cruise to Norway and brought along my SUV to explore the country for a few weeks. While unloading my vehicle from the ship, the cable broke, dumping the car into the water. Now I have a Fjord Explorer.
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    acesandeights reacted to bhageerah in Giovanni's table Vs Jamie's?   
    Please let me apologize for taking so long to reply! With COVID 19 hitting us so hard at work overtime has been absolutely crazy! That being said, we were on Oasis when we had Giovannis and on Anthem when we had Jamie’s. Here are a few photos of our meal! Hope they help! 

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    acesandeights reacted to Ray in Vaccination required?   
    How times have changed! Used to be the only thing you needed to get into Oz was a criminal Record ? 
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    acesandeights reacted to RCVoyager in Vaccination required?   
    When you consider that cruises won't be starting until the 2nd quarter of next year in all likelihood, the vaccine should be widely available.  If the cruise lines want to keep Covid out of the ships, or if the CDC wants to keep it out of the ships, this makes sense.  As someone mentioned above, maybe the flu shot too.
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    acesandeights reacted to WAAAYTOOO in FCC - can someone way smarter than me help?   
    It's a game of chicken AND Russian roulette.
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    acesandeights reacted to USCG Teacher in Good Luck Quantum Of The Seas   
    Okay, regardless of how these test cruises shake out, can we just start the push to make this the "new normal" for the Windjammèr?
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    acesandeights reacted to CHRIS WONG in Good Luck Quantum Of The Seas   
    Good luck to all my fellow crew members who are currently on Quantum Of The Seas.
    Lets prove to the world that cruising can be done in a healthy and safe way!
    Hopefully it won't be too much longer before I get asked to rejoin a cruise ship, and head back to work. I'm amazed at how much love for the cruising there still is, and it's people like you that will keep this industry alive!
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    acesandeights reacted to twangster in SilverSea - "MORE ALL-INCLUSIVE THAN EVER"   
    It seems with Celebrities announcement of "Always In" her sister brands are trying to define their own All Inclusive territory.  In the case of SilverSea her "Expedition" cruises to destinations like the Galapagos or Antarctica included shore excursions but her other non-expedition cruises did not.  Now it appears all cruises include a shore excursion at every port.   Round trip airfare and transfers has been a promotion on many sailings but it now appears these are included as well.  
    NEW ITINERARIES 2022/2023 
    We are pleased to advise that you are among the first to know the details of our 2022/2023 itineraries. This will give you time to browse the new programme and start planning your exciting adventure with Silversea.  

    For the first time in Silversea’s history, travellers will enjoy one complimentary shore excursion in every port included with all voyages in the new itinerary collection—across the line’s entire fleet of 10 ultra-luxury ships.  Enhancing the all-inclusive offering further still, all cruise fares will include roundtrip air—or business class upgrades in select destinations—and transfers, providing unprecedented value and convenience for guests. 

    Reservations will open on 10 December, 2020. We look forward to helping you plan your next voyage with us as part of this exciting event. 
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    acesandeights reacted to WAAAYTOOO in SilverSea - "MORE ALL-INCLUSIVE THAN EVER"   
    WOW !  What a great example of good ol' capitalism and healthy competition. This is great news !!
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