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  1. One thing you won't find is a frozen banana daiquiri , which I find interesting as Celebrity stocks it. A bartender on Liberty tried using a banana liquor in one attempt, but it was not very good.
  2. "Prior to 2020, did you ever go on a cruise with cold like symptoms (not requiring prescription meds or Dr visit)?" "If so, did you social distance, wear a mask, and/or use other mitigation strategies to prevent passing it on?"
  3. Has anyone done this excursion and does it really take 4-hrs or it just the allotted time? The description reads like a scavenger hunt.
  4. Yes, its been sliding for a while. It was 1 to 1.08 US when we visited Europe in June. Surprised when I looked at it today.
  5. You're spot on, but any forward looking "optics" is welcome.
  6. Yes. But who knows if he has internal clout anymore, especially as he's been out a while with the bug (with published set-backs). When a controversial leader announces retirement, the underlings start jockeying for notoriety and position. Could be someone just pulling a trigger early.
  7. Plentiful in St. Maarten if you happen to have a port call.
  8. Kida funny. I think RCL sold off Azamara (3-ships) for around $200M during the pandemic. But looks like thet ship was a great "going out of business" deal.
  9. "Buy low" most likely. Must have some cash. Their margins are pretty good from what I understand.
  10. I'm not betting on any changes to US posture until 2024. Think we're stuck with it.
  11. There is a Captains Club event for high tier that includes Elite and up/Diamond, but thats usually just one evening during happy hour. During the period , you can access basic cocktails as well as whatever the CC specials are. Or if you have an inclusive package on Celeb you're good to go so no need for the CC club benefit.
  12. I just received an itinerary update. They swapped Perfect Day for Nassau - YES - will take that anytime!
  13. We were just through that area - one pleasant surprise, eating and shopping at the local places is very reasonable. In fact we thought the price value was better than what we have in the states at this time. Also, the Euro dropped and is very close to the Dollar.
  14. My time does give you maximum flexibility. You don't need an internet package to use the app. In addition, you can always stop by restaurants to make specific reservations if desired. You can knock that out on embarkation day if desired.
  15. South Pacific starting in Australia and ending up in the US or Canada.
  16. You can get direct flights from DFW to FCO.
  17. Direct flights if possible. Get there a day or two early.
  18. Anyone able to bring this cruise up on the APP yet? It shows up but when selected I get the beloved, "Still working on fun" banner. Totally understandable - but it is only 196 days out and they're done working on the fun for our Allure cruise which is 336 days out. So I guess its easier to finish fun on the older ships.
  19. Cruise ship NORWEGIAN SUN hit iceberg, damaged, bound for repairs VIDEO | NORWEGIAN SUN - FleetMon Maritime News Enough damage to force an early return.
  20. We too had issues before our June Med cruise. The NAVICA APP would not recognize our tests as valid and after calling customer service, directed to use the web site to run through test. Took about an hour to get through 2 tests. As we were testing from our hotel room internet, very concerned with drop-off before completing the test. Still don't know why the tests would not show as valid with the APP.
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