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  1. Obviously the amplification plans for Liberty were put on hold due to Covid… but from what I am hearing the ship is feeling dated and in need of a refresh. Nothing is on the calendar now, but does anyone think the ship may go in for a drydock in the next year? Even if it’s not the full amplification… just some small refreshes like fixing the big screen, cleaning the carpets, etc?
  2. I just got off Oasis and loved the ship. There were some issues that kept it from being a perfect 10, but it was great being back on a ship. We are now looking at a cruise on Liberty for next year. I sailed on her years ago and loved the ship, but I’ve seen many reviews that she is showing her age and is in desperate need of the dry dock that was canceled because of COVID. For people who have been on Liberty recently, what are your thoughts? Will I be disappointed by an experience that isn’t up to the standards I’m used to from Royal?
  3. I've seen some people say the DBP has been BOGO, which is basically what was being offered in cruise planner recently, so I'm hoping I can still potentially jump on that...
  4. To anyone who has been on Oasis recently… Have there been any drink discounts you’ve seen on board? Do they still sell the 10 drink card? Or beer bucket/coolers? Or even boarding day discounts on the DBP? (Didn’t buy it pre-cruise… don’t ask. Trying to keep the peace with wifey)
  5. I am looking to book a reservation at 150 Central Park on Oasis. I also want to make reservations for Aqua80 that night. The show is at 8:15pm. What time should I make my reservation for? I'm not sure how long dinner at 150 Central Park (or any specialty restaurant) may take...
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