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  1. 1 hour ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

    Nobody does.  It is supposed to be the % off the onboard price....but of course, nobody knows what the onboard price is !  It's an exercise in futility to try and figure out %'s.  Best just to go with the bottom line and save yourself the frustration !


    Hmmm...not sure how that graphic got posted in this thread...it belongs elsewhere.  I tried to remove it.  No joy.

  2. 1 hour ago, Dad2Cue said:

    Is the base price 20% off to begin with and then an additional 25% off or what???  That is my problem because I never know what base price they are referring to in order to calculate the percentage discount.

    Nobody does.  It is supposed to be the % off the onboard price....but of course, nobody knows what the onboard price is !  It's an exercise in futility to try and figure out %'s.  Best just to go with the bottom line and save yourself the frustration !



  3. I find it very ironic (hypocritical ??) that SA is so anxious to have "foreign" cruise passengers in their realm drinking alcohol and gambling when they are (on their face, at any rate) so strictly against such perversions.  Of course, all you have to do is go across the King Fahd Causeway, to the other side of "The Umbrella of Allah", into Bahrain, and you're good-to-go, b/c Allah cannot see you on the other side of the umbrella.  Do whatever you want over there !!  I used to travel to that part of the world quite frequently for business and I find the double standards just too much.  No thanks....for now.

  4. 12 hours ago, MichelleB1234 said:

    Hypothetical question- If there are 3 people on a reservation and the 1st person can't make it, is the whole reservation cancelled?

    I think a great many of the blog posters on this site would recommend that the person (who cannot make it) just be a "no-show" rather than cancelling the third person prior to sailing.  As @HeWhoWaits mentioned, if you cancel that person prior to sailing, the entire booking will be re-priced at prevailing rates, which usually means an increase in price (but not always).  This is where a good travel agent is so important.  He/she can evaluate both options and let you know which is the best way to go.  Of course, you can do this on your own as well...but it can be a big hassle.

    The important thing to remember is that at least 1 of the original people must always remain on the reservation.  The others can cancel, change names, etc. but at least 1 original "booker" must always remain.

    If that third person simply does not show up for the cruise (is a "no-show"), the taxes, port fees and any gratuities (if prepaid) will be refunded but no cruise fare for that person will be refunded.

  5. 16 minutes ago, krhardy said:

    Appetizer: Build  your own charrcuterie (I majored in music not English...I know that's spelled wrong 😉 )
    Entree:       More entrees without mushroom sauce (why do they put mushrooms on so many things?)
    Sides:         Green Beans, sweet potato, fried corn (I'm a simple girl)
    Dessert:     Anything with cranberry and orange together

    I so agree with you about the sides.  I like to keep it simple (which is why I like the simplicity of the sides at Chops).  Why they have to make all those complex sides (which don’t taste nearly as good as the work that, I’m sure, went into making them) I really don’t understand.

  6. 5 minutes ago, SpeedNoodles said:

    Unacceptable.  I'm booked on her in January in an Owner's Suite.  Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

    Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.  IF your Jan. Empress gets cancelled (or maybe, even if it doesn’t ??), it will be a great opportunity for you to L&S this cruise to an Owner’s Suite on one of the big ships.  I just read an account of someone doing this very thing, only they did it on purpose to get the big suite on a big ship at a fraction of the price.

    Think how awesome it would be to get an Owner’s Suite on Symphony or Oasis for the price you paid on Empress !  The only down side is that you would have to wait a year....which totally sucks, but when it finally gets here - yippee !

  7. 1 hour ago, jsheldon81 said:

    Thank you. I have heard and read different things that even though it says Unlimited you can only go once per day.  I do understand the having to have reservations.  I just wanted to make sure I was not going to get charged at the end of the cruise if I happen to go to more than one specialty per day.

    Unlimited allows you to dine at any specialty restaurant if it is open and they can accommodate you.  No additional charges.  Most of the restaurants limit you to 1 main course per visit.

  8. The UDP allows you to eat at any specialty restaurant that is open for lunch or dinner as long as they can accommodate you.  So, yes.  You can eat at Izumi and then later at Chops so long as they have availability.  You are better off making reservations than just showing up and hoping they can seat you.  

  9. My favorite CT was on Anthem.  It was held in a private room in the back of Chops.  It was very private and intimate and we had some audacious guests that were a hoot !  We took everyone back to our Grand Loft Suite afterwards and had a party.  It was so much fun. Yen even joined us for a little while (she did not drink any alcohol though).

    Probably the best setting we have had for CT was on Allure many years ago.  CT was in the upstairs area of the Diamond Lounge.  Beautiful setting.

  10. 37 minutes ago, Jjohnb said:

    I don't mean to start any rumors although I guess I am.  The Majesty has been docked at the Port of Portsmouth, UK for a few days now, at first I thought it was just a normal service call but now I'm starting to wonder if they may be offloading equipment, artwork and other valuables such as they did with Sovereign and Monarch prior to sending them to Aliaga to be scrapped.  Has anyone heard anything?

    As an aside, the Carnival Fantasy has arrived in Aliaga to be scrapped and the Carnival Inspiration is a couple days out from arriving as well.

    Fantasy was my first cruise but I won’t lament.  It was a pretty unremarkable cruise with a bunch of women I barely knew.  Frankly, I’m surprised that I ever tried cruising again.

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