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  1. Carnival Is Crewing Up Its Cruise Fleet

    The cruise industry continues to near a restart in the United States as Carnival Cruise Line has begun the process of bringing crew back to its fleet of cruise ships.

    “We are delighted we have now reached the point where we can invite our crew back to the ships,” was what the line wrote in an email sent to select crew and obtained by Cruise Industry News.

    Carnival said its team had been “very busy” working with relevant health authorities in developing health and safety protocols to enable a return to guest operations.

    “As you can imagine, there have been many changes implemented since you were last onboard,” the email continued, “all developed with the health and safety of everyone in mind.”

    The cruise line said in the letter it expects to ramp up its fleet and an email series for crew will launched to help them prepare for what’s ahead, what to do at home, when they will travel and the new way of life onboard.

    Carnival also said it would be sending out additional communications to crew over the next several weeks.

  2. This may answer the testing question. But it could be by sailing as stated. still kind of vague  

    You are required to select an arrival time for your wellness check

    Your arrival time is an appointment to complete the required wellness screening prior to boarding.

    At the Terminal

    We’re doing everything we can to ensure our ships sail with healthy guests and crew by implementing wellness checks for all guests.

    Make sure you:
    • Have your test results in hand: We require all guests to complete SARS-CoV-2 (rtPCR) testing prior to sailing and bring the results to the pier prior to boarding. Please note the testing requirement for your sailing.
    • Wear your face covering: All guests are asked to face coverings from the time they arrive at the terminal.
    • Arrive on time: Your arrival time is also when you take your pre-cruise wellness check. Please plan to get to the terminal during that time window - not before or after - so you board smoothly.
    • Wash your hands: Hand-washing stations, with soap and water, and hand sanitizing stations are readily available throughout the terminal.
    • Keep your distance: Stay at least six feet away from people outside your travel party and, if physical distancing isn’t possible, make sure your face covering covers your nose and mouth.
    Read less 

    Note: Arrival outside your time slot will delay your boarding.

    Your party's arrival time is

  3. I just completed our check in for May 8th cruise on SOS. We were assigned a 11:30-12:00 arrival time. Only other info so far was we have to complete a survey the day before using the app. It stated there will also be a wellness check before boarding. I'm curious if this sails if and when they will require a negative test or if that's included in the pre cruise wellness check. The other thing I noticed was the other time for check in available was not until 3PM. We are both vaccinated and trying to be optimistic that the third try is the charm. 

  4. Finger 🤞 we have a cruise on SOS May 8th. So there is talk of possibly limiting the number of passengers. I’ve done mock bookings just to check the price. What I’ve noticed is there appears to be very few cabins available. So if they have to reduce the number of passengers any thoughts on how they would do that.

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