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  1. I tip if I use their service. My personal rule is $10-$20 for each assistance with booking entertainment, dining, shore excursions, etc,
  2. I saved about $700. All went of OBC I think. I have not received a new invoice yet.
  3. Cabin prices dropped. Repriced mine and saved a little, but I had a very good price to begin with. Suite prices decreased by hundreds and even thousands over earlier in the week pricing. Also check shore excursions. You may find some small savings there too.
  4. No savings on my cabin class, but did save a little on shore excursions.
  5. We have some very generous tippers on the forum. I am not one I am sorry to say. I would say 10% to 20% of cost of cabana is fair depending on service. Of the several cabanas I have had over the years, I can only think of twice that the service was exceptional. Most of the time I felt is was okay at best. For the current costs I expect more than I have felt I have received. Remember to bring cash to tip. I forgot once and luckily had the same attendant a year later and was able to tip him for both visit. He was the exceptional attendant I spoke of above.
  6. Even lower today than yesterday for my grand promenade room. Yesterday I owed $45 above my FCC. Today I get $6 back.
  7. Big drop in price on Beach Club Cabanas and Floating Cabanas. We got the beach club day pass at $79 some time ago. Still $179.
  8. Two words, Adventure Ocean. My children were about 6 and 4 on their first cruise. They loved Adventure Ocean.
  9. Luggage tags posted today. Also check shore excursions. I think some new stuff has popped up for Costa and Coz.
  10. Early with young children. Late without.
  11. Bahamas' new health order, 12 and older must be vaccinated for a cruise ship to dock at any of the country's ports. I got the email this evening from RCCL.
  12. New shore excursions posted in planner today for all ports of call. Any suggestions/recommendations for Coz, Costa and Nassau?
  13. We have done Tulum and Maya ruins before. We'd like to do something different. Suggestions for Coz and Costa?
  14. I had a great deal on the over the water cabana too. I'm a little bummed.
  15. I received an email last week that the 24 Oct Allure sailing lost both the Labadee and Jamaica ports of call. Replaced with Cozumel and Costa Maya.
  16. Had some FCC to use. Never been of this class of ship and never had a Grand Promenade room. Looks like a fun weekend get away.
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