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  1. We cruise on average every other year.  I have not had much luck with future cruise on board.  Usually the next itinerary I'm interested in is not published yet. 

    You can get a future cruise certificate while on board that may help if your undecided or awaiting the cruise calendar to be updated. 

    Not sure they can help if your already booked.

  2. Did Halloween some time ago on Radiance out of Tampa.  Grownup Halloween party on the pool deck complete with costume contest.  Teen club did a haunted house for the Adventure Ocean crew.  Adventure Ocean crew trick-o-treated in the shops and other venues with the staff.  Halloween themed photos with kids and with grownups.  

    It was a lot of fun for the whole family.

  3. If you have not done the NASA tour, do it and thank me later.

    As a Disney fan, I find your enthusiasm commendable.  The trip is doable.  I like the idea of hanging at Disney Springs for several hours.  Free parking, lots of fun things to do there and great dinning.  As for going in a park, 4-5 hours seems like a lot of time, but not really.

    I vote NASA, closer, less expensive and you'll have more time.


    The last couple of cruises I've taken I had to go to Guest Services to get the envelopes.

    There was a time that the envelopes where for service above and beyond and I think if you gave one to a crew member they could take it to their supervisor and get a reward of some type.  The print on the envelope stated sometime to that affect.  Those envelopes I have not seen in a long while. 

  5. 18 minutes ago, Toby said:

     I had redeemed RC Visa points towards OBC and the funds did not show up on our Cruise Planner.  After a couple weeks I called and was told I needed to call the Rewards number. (1-800-305-4626) They said the rewards OBC is applied 2 weeks prior to sailing.   She then offered to apply them now if I would like!  I said yes and they were available on Cruise Planner within minutes!  

    I had the same experience on my last cruise.

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