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  1. Well.. I’m sailing on Odyssey today (9/5) and my royal up for a JS (in a o/v balcony currently) is still pending.. I actually was able to modify it as well.. so I bumped up my offer on a JS to 75pp from 60.. if it’s still pending when I board.. I’ll ask guest services to see if they know and/or can do anything..
  2. @Matt will be gazing lovingly at her.. from Odyssey
  3. So on a more enjoyable topic.. lol - I saw on the FB page someone got a RoyalUp to a JS tonight - so I checked mine.. My Spacious Balcony is now not available (someone else said they got one) and my JS went from expired to pending and I could modify it (I raised the bid $10 pp) I was not able to modify it previously (although likely it was user error) - We'll see what happens..
  4. If that's what it takes to keep cruising. I'll do it.
  5. She’s currently docking in San Diego..
  6. almost a guarantee I’ll be at the pub every night unless the pub singer is fluent in Rocky Top…..
  7. @Matt here’s what we were wondering. See you next week @CHRIS WONG!
  8. Here's @Matt review of Maya Chan from 2018 - Excursion Focus: Maya Chan Beach in Costa Maya | Royal Caribbean Blog
  9. That’s how it’s worked in the past. Haven’t heard of any alterations to this since the restart.
  10. Yes, they were on Adventure anyways, no reason to suspect otherwise for the rest of the fleet.
  11. More than likely just their 5 (ish) year Maintenance dry dock - I’m not aware of any ships getting refurbished/amplified this year.
  12. Could be either or both. I would presume sold out for now, but also could be a IT glitch.. I would keep checking back.
  13. Labadee is also a Royal Caribbean Private Destination - The same rules in effect at Coco Cay apply for Labadee. (don't need to purchase an excursion to depart the ship)
  14. New C&A level benefits kicks in on the cruise AFTER you change status, except for Pinnacle. So for you, Your Diamond benefits will take effect on whatever cruise you have after your December cruise.
  15. Exactly.. we won’t know for November sailings what’s going on until the protocols are released in lateish October.. and/or if/when the CSO is extended. I get that ppl are planners, but patience is the key for everyone now a days!
  16. Played more blackjack? ? Seriously tho.. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have definitely linked reservations with friends and planned dinners out better.
  17. Sounds like your OD cruise had/has limited check in times (usually starting at 3pm) and those slots have filled up. Until you get a check in time, you won’t be able to get a setsail pass. I don’t know why they’re doing this, but it’s what’s happening. My advice is to keep checking back for additional check in times. That worked for the Harmony Group Cruise tge sane week as your Oasis cruise (it started with only 3pm open, then 2 days later, they added times starting every 30 minutes at 1pm.) I’ve also heard they may/will open up the 12pm and 1230pm times around the 45 day mark. As with all things now a days.. YMMV. Hope this helps!
  18. Well.. that’s one crisis averted.. what will today bring us..
  19. I would suspect you'd wait in the terminal - I can recall pre-covid that there were times we were escorted off the ship, through customs and into a special seating area in the terminal, where we were the 1st to re-board. Now how long this wait would potentially be now, is a good question.
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