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  1. We used them from Orlando a couple,of years ago, no problems, they were very nice , usually they wait till the van is pretty full, but with a group that size, they probably would pick you all up and go. I would use them again.
  2. We did the sulfur bath and tour, really enjoyed it, there is a lot of bus time, with 3 stops including a photo opp,of the twin peaks also there is a nice garden and water falls at the sulfur bath, I would highly recommend that tour as long as you don't get motion sickness on a bus, lots of hills and windy roads, but very informative.
  3. I,would just call Royal, shouldn't be a problem to cancel.
  4. Following as well, we really enjoyed the amphibious bus tour as well, a nice informative,tour of the island, a stop at 7 mile beach and then out in the ocean you go to feed some fish, we kind of decided once we got off,what spots we wanted to,walk to from the tour.
  5. Master card,it's a mix of strawberry and mango,daiquiri, looks like a master good and very good. Wanting to,try a frozen monitor as well.
  6. Good advice, we learned this the hard way many cruises ago.
  7. We just got ours as well, we are also around 50 days out, you can also,get generic tags at the dock, they will be the same color as your floor and you just write your room number on them, we did this,once after forgetting our tags.
  8. Just got cruise documents today, cruise out of San Juan in January, says boarding between 1 and 7, leave port at 8:30, we have early dining, what time will they do muster drill?
  9. We did Segways and enjoyed them.
  10. My best guess would be Gramd Cayman, beautiful beaches and water.
  11. Hope the bath room is put back together by now.
  12. Escargot is my favorite, get one very night, thanks for pics.
  13. Not checking the calendar or should I say not knowing when the super bowl was, cruised out of Miami on super bowl weekend, starting calling motels a month or so in advance for a pre cruise stay, the Holiday in we had stayed before and paid around 160 bucks was 400 bucks for one night, called other motels, either no vacancy or outrages prices, final ask one motel and said super bowl weekend, we even paid double for the cab ride to port, finally found the dumb for 250 a night and regretted that after we arrived, rookie mistake for sure.
  14. Thanks for the pics, looks like nice weather on sea day and a crowded top deck.
  15. We like the promade rooms as well and it is about location,location. Some can be noisy. Thanks for pics.
  16. Thank you, we are diamond and cruising next moth, can never remember what is available.
  17. I picked up,on the steer clear of steak, got it, ha, keep enjoying the cruise and thanks for updates.
  18. Stay on the ship, your not gonna like the Cincinnati weather, thanks for all the pics.
  19. What is the deal with the rubber ducks, I have never found one, can't say I have ever looked for one. Will,start looking, thanks for pics and info, looks like a great cuise.
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