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  1. Were driving down from VA Thurs/Fri so I know we'll see some storms but hopefully it won't be too bad. Safe travels everyone!
  2. Does anyone know how to remove the content moderator restriction I have? 🤔

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      We usually have newbie posts on moderation for a bit in case of spammers. I just removed yours.

    2. theSEAiscalling
  3. We live in VA Beach so our local news has been following it pretty closely (Hello hurricane season ). I can't imagine we'll see much impact to our cruise. At the moment they're saying that the storm will be passing over or around FL by midday Wednesday. Should be back out to sea/up the coast well before Saturday. Putting positive vibes out that we'll be smooth sailing and that the storm isn't too bad for those in the path!
  4. We got 11:30... And I noticed the app said rooms will be ready by 1pm which is the perfect amount of time to get some food, visit muster and just settle in a little in our room before sail away!
  5. I read that during Covid some productions were scaled back or not performed just due to lack of staff. We did experience some changes in entertainment on our cruise in Nov 2021 but it wasn't bad. I'm looking forward to the Aqua Theater too since we've never been on this class of ship. I'm sorry that you had to delay your honeymoon but sounds like you're ready to celebrate it all now!
  6. We're getting there... Less than 70 days to go! Is anyone looking forward to a specific excursion or show? Any suggestions for not to miss things at any ports? Hubs and I have self guided UTV for 8 hours on Aruba, which we're really excited about. I hope they've resumed the full production of Mamma Mia (my husband not so much ) And I think we're gonna give Samba a try since it's a new specialty choice for us (We've done Chops/Giovannis on previous cruises)
  7. I think we got one heck of a deal when we booked earlier this year but I'll reach out to my TA! Thank you!
  8. I was actually wondering this same thing. We're sailing on the Allure in October and while I was looking at the deck plans last week it appeared that they were reflecting amplified changes from this summer and on. I checked again today and it looks like the deck plans are remaining the same now through April 2023. I know they announced that amplifications were on hold when Covid happened and with the Wonder just being delivered and more money tied up in new builds... I'm thinking that the Allure may stay un-amped for a bit. Would love to hear input from others that might be more in the know!
  9. Thanks so much for the info! We're looking forward to the shows too! There's been some threads on here that the shows have been canceled/shortened due to cast member/crew being ill or unavailable. We're hoping that isnt the case when we sail but honestly, it won't ruin our vacation. We'd rather everyone is safe so sailing can continue. We have a large Oceanview balcony on deck 9. We like our cabins being away from the more crowded areas so we can pick and choose when to be in the middle of the action vs. not. We just sailed an 8 day Southern on the Jewel in November, so the Allure is going to feel HUGE! This upcoming trip is my dad's first cruise too, so he's starting with a big one
  10. Anyone else cruising with us in October? This is our first time on an Oasis-class ship so if anyone has any pointers or suggestions we'd love to hear them! We can't wait to get back on board
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