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  1. I've heard good things about Jamie's Blue Reef..check out the blog article https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/09/29/excursion-review-jaimes-the-blue-reef-all-inclusive-day-pass-costa-maya You can get more info at http://www.jaimesbluereef.com/ They're on the main drag so not as secluded as Maya Chan but they seem to have good reviews.
  2. For a single device, it's usually 29.99 for a 24 hour period. You get one one credit for Diamond and 2 credits for Diamond Plus. If you elect the 24 hour period, it applies the 29.99 credit and it's free, hence why they say you get a free day (or 2) of internet. However, if you buy a "rest of voyage" package onboard, the cost is usually 26.99/day for each day left in the voyage. It will apply your 29.99 (or 58.98) credit towards the cost of package. The amount of credit varies by how much the ship charges for that 24 hour period of internet. I've seen different prices on different sailings. You can't combine your discount with another member, even if you're sharing the package though.
  3. I've seen Copper Cow brand on Royal ships before. Can't recall if that's what we had on Icon or not, though.
  4. No, the reservations tied to the individual.
  5. OBC just acts as a credit to your onboard account. Anything you charge to your SeaPass during the cruise will be offset by OBC. You can charge to your SeaPass at the slots (charge to room feature) or at the table you give them your SeaPass card and they'll run it and give you chips. If you don't have at least Prime status in the casino they charge 5% at the table. No charge for the slots so I'd just get on a machine and do the charge there and cash in the ticket and take the cash to the table. There is no Casino Royale card..it's tied to your Crown & Anchor number (Royal loyalty program) and you just use your SeaPass (cabin keycard) to register at the table or slot machine.
  6. There is a Splashaway Bay on CocoCay which is free. The free for everyone Oasis Lagoon pool also has a beach entry side which would be toddler friendly.
  7. It's on the attached C&A benefits with the limitations..effective date March 2024 so pretty recent. crown-and-anchor-society-benefit-grid (2).pdf
  8. You have to pay full price for the shot..they won't just charge you the difference between the covered refreshment package cocktail and the alcoholic one.
  9. Fulton Place Parking is where I always recommend. You can walk to the port from the garage and there's also a shuttle.
  10. My Icon sailing has a Giovanni's Night 1 + Your Choice which I've never seen before. You would think that by purchasing this you would get to select your reservation time, but nope. Doesn't give you an option at all or force you to pick a time like the other dining packages usually do.
  11. We had chickens hanging out in the vegetation behind ours. Be aware that the view from some of the beach cabanas is of the OTW cabanas. The ones with the least obstructed view were the cabanas that were closer to the restaurant but the smoking area was located right behind them so that was annoying.
  12. It's a +1 for food, but there's less shade on the Icon sundeck which is a -1 for me.
  13. Yes..the shakes are included in the Refreshment and Deluxe drink package.
  14. I'd grab it now and keep your eye on the price...keep in mind your price includes gratuities and future prices may not. Always make sure you know the total price before canceling and re-purchasing if you see a lower price. Mariner is a good ship for UDP imo. They have Playmakers where you will get a $20/day credit per person and also Johnny Rockets plus Izumi sushi so you have lunch options. You can dine as long as they are open which sometimes they are even if it's a port day.
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