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    cmdrfrag got a reaction from Sergiu Tronaru in Seapass   
    My phone case has 5 slots that you can put credit cards in, I'm still a bit wary about having credit cards near my phone so they never got used.
    Now my sea pass cards go in there in a rating system and I see them and think back fondly...... until the next cruise :)
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    cmdrfrag reacted to Susie in I just create a mini cruise-a-holic   
    We just went on the Anthem OTS last week and came back yesterday. It is not even 24 hours yet when we left the ship. My son, who is 6 years old asked me " Mommy when is our next cruise"? I get him ready for school and took him to the bus and he was really sad that he is not on the cruise ship. 
    We had so much fun on Anthem. Bumper cars, North Star, shows and i-fly. 
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    cmdrfrag reacted to Boston Babe in Linking C&A to account   
    I had the same issue with hubby.  Call C&A, they were very helpful and were able to find his number and add it.  Again, they were very helpful, I hope you get the same guy I did! LOL
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    cmdrfrag got a reaction from J_Keeble in Linking C&A to account   
    Thanks man, I had tried that but had no joy.
    ..........I've just worked out the issue. So the Wifes account was made before we where married so under her maiden name, we created her new account under her married name and that seemed to be where the issue was. On a whim I updated her surname back to her maiden name and tried to add the C&A number again, no issues.
    Bad error text, number wasn't at fault at all
    Thanks @J_Keeble, ones to keep in my back pocket if I run in to issues again
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    cmdrfrag reacted to J_Keeble in Anthem Of The Seas Coming to Southampton 2020.   
    With the UK market they always blast up the prices when they are first released, I know people say always book as soon as possible for the English cruises out of Southampton I would most certainly say this is NOT the case. there isn't even an offer included like OBC or drinks package.
    I suggest monitoring daily if you can and wait till December 17th when the new offer comes out.
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    cmdrfrag reacted to 3trinitythree in Anthem Of The Seas Coming to Southampton 2020.   
    Not so delighted this morning. Prices just released and although I was expecting a price hike against what I paid for the Indy, I wasn’t expecting the price to double. Paid £1100 pp for the Indy, similar itinerary and date for the Anthem is coming in at £2399. Certainly not paying that, hopefully independent cruise companies are lower than the RCI website. 
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    cmdrfrag reacted to hooked-on-cruising in No men’s underwear on the Symphony?????   
    I still say "COMMANDO" is the way to go... loose and free.. 
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    cmdrfrag got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Couple more questions...   
    Fantastic, I'll get on that one
    Cheers guys
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    cmdrfrag reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Couple more questions...   
    Yes.  Your wife's status tier should be the same as yours regardless of how many cruises she has taken (as long as you share the same address).  Call C&A and have them match her status to yours.
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    cmdrfrag reacted to 3trinitythree in Anthem Of The Seas Coming to Southampton 2020.   
    Delighted to hear this news this morning, I’ll be glad to board a different ship to the Independence without the need to fly.
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    cmdrfrag got a reaction from CruisinUngs in Some people will never learn!!   
    This has reminded me of this story. The first cruise I was on on Independence there where 2 groups of people that where getting a bit drunk by the pool bar, at one point the bar man had to run off to grab some supplies, guy was on his own in there, so 2 members of the groups jumped the bar, helped themselves to drinks and then walked off as if nothing had happened.
    The next part of the story I head from one of the cabin attendants the next day, so early the next morning we docked in Vigo, Security marched down to the staterooms, blatered on the doors till they opened up and escorted them all off the ship, hangovers and all.
    Apparently the screaming very quickly turned to begging.

    Really don't understand the thinking of some people at times
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