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  1. Thank you so much The struggle a real lol
  2. What are the chances my diffuser piece will fit the ships blow dryer?
  3. got it ...it was more to see husbands family honestly and catch a bite with them..lol I don't care to do anything but get a tan
  4. Hi all, Although this isn't my first cruise, I will be doing this as a first time...Once I check in and get on the cruise, am I able to get back off the ship, go somewhere to eat and just hop back on before it departs with no issue? I will be embarking from FLL. Is there a separate line for folks who have done the check in process and just getting back on the ship? @twangster @Matt
  5. I was but either way I'm great now since I bought the package...So grateful for you all!
  6. so you think you fit in my pocket? lol THANK YOU AGAIN
  7. Matt, Since I have refreshment package already.on ship, Can I tip in cash if I choose to? Will the bartenders take cash tip?
  8. Wish I could put @twangster in my pocket while I’m on the cruise ... u are just that great!
  9. do you remember how much you paid per person?
  10. O it's definitely just for PR...sad but true...I went to Alaska last year with Princess and got $200 on board credit for being military...Royal has it's pro/cons for sure just like any other cruise line, but not celebrating military is a huge down fall.
  11. Same here never on royal ...only on princess smh ...
  12. could I get a virgin pina colada with the refreshment package? if so I'm gonna be so mad lol that I buy countlless ones without the package...is this considered a "mocktail"
  13. Ok thank you...Do you know what max drink number is per person if I get the drink package by chance?
  14. thank u for this...do you have any idea if they charge different for virgin pina coladas?
  15. awesome idea for the USB hub..got mine at "5 and below" lol winning
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