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  1. Thank you so much The struggle a real lol
  2. What are the chances my diffuser piece will fit the ships blow dryer?
  3. got it ...it was more to see husbands family honestly and catch a bite with them..lol I don't care to do anything but get a tan
  4. Hi all, Although this isn't my first cruise, I will be doing this as a first time...Once I check in and get on the cruise, am I able to get back off the ship, go somewhere to eat and just hop back on before it departs with no issue? I will be embarking from FLL. Is there a separate line for folks who have done the check in process and just getting back on the ship? @twangster @Matt
  5. I was but either way I'm great now since I bought the package...So grateful for you all!
  6. so you think you fit in my pocket? lol THANK YOU AGAIN
  7. Matt, Since I have refreshment package already.on ship, Can I tip in cash if I choose to? Will the bartenders take cash tip?
  8. Wish I could put @twangster in my pocket while I’m on the cruise ... u are just that great!
  9. do you remember how much you paid per person?
  10. O it's definitely just for PR...sad but true...I went to Alaska last year with Princess and got $200 on board credit for being military...Royal has it's pro/cons for sure just like any other cruise line, but not celebrating military is a huge down fall.
  11. Same here never on royal ...only on princess smh ...
  12. could I get a virgin pina colada with the refreshment package? if so I'm gonna be so mad lol that I buy countlless ones without the package...is this considered a "mocktail"
  13. Ok thank you...Do you know what max drink number is per person if I get the drink package by chance?
  14. thank u for this...do you have any idea if they charge different for virgin pina coladas?
  15. awesome idea for the USB hub..got mine at "5 and below" lol winning
  16. Hi all, I’m a sunglasses lover and would love to take about three/four different ones with me. Any suggestions on a tote or holder for them, besides their individual ones? Trying to condense space while proteging them as well. If you do can you provide a pic please. Thanks so much.
  17. Hi all, Does anyone have a quick comparison chart of all the ships and what they offer on board? I want to avoid doing it one by one. I’m trying to plan a cruise for my daughters 16th birthday and need to pick the ship rather then the ports. Thanks
  18. learning has occurred lol and THANK YOU so much for the explanation
  19. I will be on my 6th cruise this wknd, yet I'm still learning and still feel lost after reading countless posts on this blog..lol If you don't mind, can you elaborate on what the casino is offering? What does that even mean? Do I go to the casino and ask for upcoming "specials" on cruises or something? I apologize if this is a crazy question, just trying to get to your status of expertise lol
  20. Please share your secret lol Seriously! Do you book based on ports? or just to simply get away? any secrets? I would love to book that many at once, but get overwhelmed by itineraries lol
  21. Hi all, I've never bought the "internet" packages on ship, because I like to vacation and disconnect from reality lol BUT...I need to ensure my daughter is able to face time a couple days while I"m gone, because she needs that type of comfort...Now my question is, do I need the surf and stream package? or just surf? Also, is the internet atleast decent without constant buffer all the time to allow for a few minutes of facetime? Lastly, I'm terrified about over charges from my cell company once I get off ship (I'm just paranoid). If I buy the package, once on ship do I just connect to t
  22. Hello my fellow cruisers, This will be my 5th cruise, but first time at 4 different ports with nothing planned. I'm usually OCD with planning my itinerary for the ports, not including the planning I do once I get my cruise compass ha,ha..BUT I'm trying to "wing" it this trip. I don't have any excursions locked on as of yet and I leave next wknd. For all you experience cruisers...Do you think I'll be able to do any of the excursions Royal offers on the cruise planner, if I just get off at the ports and decide to do one with an outside company? I'm trying to "relax" as this is a bir
  23. @jhatle01 If you like Caribbean food, they have a couple of spots they sell amazing "Rotti's". I'll be on the same cruise, happy cruising...I'm soooooooooo excited lol
  24. Hi everyone, I was wondering if my Husband and I have to board the ship together? Since we have our own sea "pass", is it necessary? We arrive in FLL very early the day of the cruise. He would like to visit family and while he does that I would prefer to be tanning on the ship lol lol. Any info would be appreciated, and thanks in advance. Melissa
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